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The dirt ball one over three for Freeman today to for eleven in the series. One of those hits a long home run off, lefty, Daniel Norris yesterday, three infield is on the right side, and then over shift lugos alone. Infielder on the left side is basically playing shortstop right now. Good room playing short today's on the right side shaded up the middle outfield straight up on Freeman dangerous dangerous hitter. Hotshot base it into the right field corner. And that's going to wake the time chasing you down his Cassiano Swanson flying around third. He will score without a throw. Ready Freeman rips double into the right field corner four three when the better hitters had baseball and one of the better low ball into baseball. Netball was down in low ball and he turned on. And then Dan. All right, right away that they were going to take the lead on Rosen rope off the bat of FREDDY Freeman. He can hit. We've seen in too many times come through. Oh, those base on balls, Danny boy? Walks are up this year for humanity along with the strikeouts. Rick Anderson Gardner, would take lower walk rate with lower strikeouts. That's right. Absolute in a second. Changeup MRs inside to Josh Donaldson. For the Tigers just tied it up dramatically oil for. Home runs grinder in Jones with two outs. Top of half of this inning. It didn't take long for the Braves to untie it for three Braise lead on the freemen double the one. Oh. Berries, the slider again. So after throwing a terrific sledded to strike out at CUNY Jim, he's not throwing a good.

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