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The public now we're going to have evidence that you have to present to support your case none of that is there this is literally filing the motion when you file a motion in court exclusively argues your side and indyk argues it in kind of the most extreme way you can make all all of the possible arguments even if they're barely legally recognizable and there's almost no evidence to support it you throw it all in there in the initial motion fats with this document is so i i mean i i have to do my job which is to pick this apart and where the logic fails the logic fails deeply in certain key parts of this first off i wanna point out paragraph and worked with marked as five so they have kind of bullet point in numbered list that they go through here our findings indicate that as describe low metareum relevant information was omitted number five if the last is the very last paragraph of the memo the page fis application also mentions information regarding fellow trump campaign adviser george papa dopoulos there is no evidence of any cooperation conspiracy between page papa dopoulos puppet up was information triggered the opening of an fbi counterintelligence vis gatien late july 2016 so what that openly states and his absolutely ignored by the republicans on the committee is papa dopoulos was already under investigation beef four the fis application against page would that not by fact of lodge fbi is already investigating papa dopoulos for a russia connection let me say that again the fbi was already investigating george pompidou capitalist trump campaign adviser populace when the fis of applications were first filed against page well if that's the case the entire argument fails because the argument is this is a partisan move exclusively done all of this intelligence was done based on a false dossier from christopher steel infusion gps but the whole argument fails on that point alone because they already are investigating george property was trump campaign adviser therefore the basis for investigating carter page is your relevant because we're already investigating trump campaign adviser george popped up.

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