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I didn't want to be with waivers. Okay. Joe Jonas ready to Joe Jonas dress up as Arias stark. Jon snow. Pal drogue o or Sansa stark. Oh god. That's so annoying. You dress up as a game of thrones person gotta yeah. So much which one it's easy. If you really think about you really think about it. It's it's Sansa. That's correct. Okay. That is an speaking of Santa what animal did so Turner dress up as you as a dire wolf wolf, it has nothing to do with game of thrones. I respect wanted into a couple of oh, that's fun. It's not a couples costuming. He dragged dressed as her which is appropriate and g dresses an animal any just can you make degree of animal like a legal landscape. I saw them in Botswana an elephant. Yes, that's correct. She dressed up as an elephant. She dresses an elephant, that's uneasy. Okay. What you know who's great who's Greg? Sophie Turner, now that she's doing the the, and that's the thing she found she found a way to be funny, and it's taken her long enough. But she's finally found something Adam LeVine isn't the real lead singer of maroon five I am. That's the tape. Moving on Noah Centenario, remember him. Of course to all the boys. I've loved before. Did he dress as Aladdin Tarzan prince, Eric or guest on prince, Eric? Nope. Allowed us on Gaston. Oh, I was gonna say Gaston to obvious damn Kate. Also bonus question there's a photo of him partying with a dark cited who that we talked about recently also a teen star. This who dressed as I think he says wolverine and those pictures of them together dark cited who..

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