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And their ideal retirement, life, etc. In politics. They're beyond your control, but making a call to plan for those things is a choice. You can make today. Call premier wealth advisors at five two zero five hundred eleven twenty one choose to be prepared five two zero five hundred eleven twenty one securities offered through premier wealth advisors LLC in Arizona state registered investment advisor. Snooze. Joel NATO sixteen states teaming up to sue President Trump for declaring a national emergency on the southern border in an effort to get money to build a wall, California attorney general exurbia Sarah taking President Trump to court on Monday. Donald Trump is acting outside the law and declaring an emergency. The White House says they have the legal authority, but Democrats say they will introduce legislation to block the declaration. Fox's Lauren Blanchard. Fox News has learned embattled deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein is leaving his job in March and British parliament committees branded Facebook as digital gangsters lawmakers like Damian Collins want tighter rules against Facebook serious failings over the fighting throughout his home for content. The feds pet uses privacy. The company says it is open to meaningful regulation. This is Fox News. Arizona congressman reacted to the McCabe interview. I'm donny. S T news Republican.

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