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Sales received a boost from the controversial ad campaign, featuring former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick and the other note today secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue, we'll be joined by farmers, ranchers producers and industry leaders at Wall Street, he will ring the closing bell at the new York Stock Exchange, and that's your money on seven twenty WGN WGN sports. Dave. The cubs are hoping they can move a little closer to clinching the division. They've been unable to gain ground. The last couple of nights held a one run in two games by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cubs host Pittsburgh again with the Bajic number for wrapping up the NFL central still at five while second-placed Milwaukee plays again, insane Louis eighty games down one to go for the White Sox. Their last home game of the season. When they host the Cleveland Indians rubber gave the series for the socks who won last night on Daniel parkas to Ron walk off single. It'll be a bullpen game. With Jay spry said to make his first major league start for the White Sox. Andy measures pre game at six thirty five. At Ed Farber Darren Jackson with the first pitch from guaranteed rate field at seven ten on seven hundred twenty WGN. The Blackhawks made some roster moves today sending three players to Rockford forwards Victor Edsall Alexander fourteen and Matthew high more the hawks host Ottawa tomorrow night. Seven o'clock here on WGN, the bears are back to work in lake forest. Getting ready for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. And it sounds unlikely the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson of a paired up at this weekend's Ryder Cup. They did play together in the two thousand four Cup and lost both their matches US captain Jim furic gave a strong indication today that it won't happen Fridays. Pairings will be announced tomorrow. The home of the Blackhawks the northwestern. Wildcats at White Sox baseball, David WGN sports, WGN traffic. Violeta podrumedic. Thanks came. This traffic.

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