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Seven seven seven ten espn and john coming up next. I'm curious about what your walkup song would be if you were a major league baseball player a walkup song. If you a major league baseball player that's coming up for you to mason. Ireland seven ten. Espn at to what morales is talking to out. Last night was yet another donut. No stop it out at gregan heart attack while we're skydiving. I am out of control right now and. i don't know how to quit. Thank you dial. Back the cannabis. Hey do you have do you have. Espn on right now. Now there was like softball on earlier. I think siri is doing a live shot from her house. She saw it. she's standing. What looks like right above redondo beach. I think she's at her house by the way last week to she's on. Espn two right now. When you as we're talking about ramona and you're like oh is she in dallas or is that just a really good green screen and you're like just a great green screen. I texted her. she was in dallas. Wasn't elsa the reporters are starting to travel. Yeah by the way last night. And i did not go because we had tickets to see in the heights. They had the first open. Practice at sufficed morale's way to actual. Football morales went to see it. We should get morales on. Find out exactly what it was like. I heard there was a really big crowd for and i saw today. Matthew stafford did an interview where he said. Cooper kupp is the smartest receiver he's ever worked with so he's he's really excited about that connection but yeah big crowd last night. We should have done the show from their lands. You're absolutely right we have to rethink. What time was it at. The practice opened at five so it would have been s. Okay what it should have done there. Yeah yeah so i so. I've got this list of dodgers play up walk in songs. Walkup song keeps during this up. Walk-ups songs. Here's what i wanted to do before we let ours. I wanna see if you can figure out which play up song. Walkup song belongs to the dodgers. Okay okay so horrid. Do you have song number one. Okay so weird walk-ups somebody who plays for the dodgers somebody who plays for the dodgers either a justin turner. Be cody bellinger or see. Mookie betts. it's i think it's gotta be it's been around for a while i got turtle. Jt everybody agreed. It's cody bellinger. He's used for a couple of years. Now cody bellinger has used ilchenko song. Walk up here is number two. It's a good one. Okay so here the options is it a chris taylor be trevor bauer or see zach mckinstry. Who uses beastie. Boys' you gotta fight as their walkup song ireland. I'll go bauer. Bauer certainly in character. Lindsey yeah i was thinking about our or mckinstry in horry yeah. I'll say bauer. It's chris taylor. You guys are all chris. Taylor's like the least likely guy his walkup song is. You gotta fight for your right to party okay. Here is number three terrible walkup song. Okay so this has got to be somebody younger so here. I well okay. So here. The choices clayton kershaw david price or jimmy nelson. So it's not somebody younger back. It's a veteran. i was gonna say younger. This is definitely like a boomer tonight. We're young ireland. What do you think kershaw david. Price jimmy nelson go. Jimmy nelson jimmy nelson lindsay. Is david price. Worry yeah you guys are all wrong clayton. Kershaw has his walkup song over the last couple of years. The wind is starting pitcher like us. Their walk starting. Actually that's right. They do bat now right. Here is number four to great longreach against the machine. Bulls on parade is at a walker. Bueller be joe kelley or see matt bady bueller kelly or beatty ireland. What do you think i think. It's joe kelly. Joe kelley lindsey besides from the other half of major league baseball that uses it as walkup song. I'm going to guess at eighty and guests the other guy just right across the guy the other guy is walker bueller and that's exactly who it is you had. I not made jorges guess it. We would have been nice entire game. Yeah we how much we pay attention when we're actually at the games okay. Here is number five. So this is los dos. Canales's lock laurent del. Ranchero right delegates that right. Hey did you did you all right. So it's either a edwin who seda dagoes three wins. Many edwin guy edwin and say dennis. Santana a julio areas julia porras says julio diaz ireland save gory. I agree videos lindsay. Yeah i feel like a whore. Hey knows for sure. So yeah. I know this one. Julio it uses this. I'm not going to get a spanish song for. Yeah exactly exactly so. It's just a song about our humble. You are and you know you just love him. You don't mind would be what okay so mine would be kate so this. Don't start until i tell you to but this would be mind but it would actually work better as an intro song for a basketball team okay. So pic picture this all right lights go out completely dark and you're wondering what is happening. Why in the crowd starts to build. The crowd starts to build but all the lights are off.

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