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How did this happen and worship the clippers go from here we'll also talk with the NBA players continued activism regarding police brutality including how some reaction to the news of the twelve million dollar settlement for the Family Brianna Taylor joining me we crooked media's Gideon Resnick let's start the show. Joining us today on Crossover daily is my three time ex-roommate He's a journalist whose work you've seen in the daily beast, the Atlantic and Buzzfeed is currently the Co host of the wooded day podcast crooked another daily podcast you should absolutely be subscribing to please welcome to crossover daily getting resnick. Dion has gone man I'm good. I'm so happy here I appreciate it I. Hope that this introduction is the best that you've ever done and will ever give. Three ex-roommate is you know just a prized possession of mine and more important than anything else said Yeah it's unfortunate. How much of our adult lives we spent together and we need we needed the. The heavy hitting daily podcast guests to really show people what we're about well, a lot to get to a lot of things have happened in the NBA in the last couple of days in we wanna get to some a little bit of non basketball stuff later in the show. But let's start right now with what I'm I'm calling panic at the staple center. The clippers eliminated in the second round series at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. and. I think the clippers futures is a tiny bit in question here you know what's going to happen Doc Rivers Coin Paul George Free agents in one year you know we started to talk about that a little bit after game seven. I want start here with the clips because. I was at Staples Center, a lot throughout the season, and while the clippers at their best were very impressive team there were always a very good team. The function of having guys combined Paul George. Never felt compelling. They never felt fun and I know you watch a lot of hoops just as much as any writer I'm curious as you were watching the clippers this season did they ever feel fun to you like what? What was the vibe you got from that team?.

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