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Because a lot of women will try to treat this these disorders on their own before even seeking medical attention. And so the the real big red flags would be over the counter. Analgesics anti itch products particularly those containing benzel. Cain are commonly used by women in this group and of course as we know this is a common contact allergen and so we ve questions specifically about products itching pain. We asked about Soaps we ask about baby wipes which are very commonly used again by people in the genital area. Both men and women in the genital reaction. Say and i think that's a key. Also things like menstrual pads or incontinence pads or panty liners Branch which specific type they're using because we could certainly guide people in that direction And other than that. There's a huge huge range of over the counter products and clean cleansing agents. And you name it that people will use and so it's really oftentimes nurse will assist us incurring through this as they council the patient on volver skin and they often come up with even more information. We've caught in our history and you find still you know. I guess. In contemporary people using douching products. Or does that seem to be sort of passe. Yeah not as many douching products anymore. People tend to be using a lot of sort of external cleansers and whites. And that sort of thing. But we're not seeing as much. Don't forget that. Mci wipes factly now. Okay so we've taken our history. We've gotten what we need to do. We want to go now and do a focused physical exam so maybe you walk me through how you do a gentle exam like. Who's in the room. How do you drape had you talk to the patient. What are some pearls for sure kerry. Well first of all. I always do the history with patient dressed..

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