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Months ago, and my husband is totally a different man. Now, we dated for two years and he was my protector and King we rarely argued, and if we did, we got over it since marriage, we've had a few squabbles and and now when it gets heated, my husband starts crying. He says he can't stand to see me disappointed and he does not want to fail as a husband. He's done it a few times and it's a turnoff I, ended up hugging him. So he'll stop crying and relax I can't discuss issues with crybaby. How can I get him to? And stuff acting like child. Abuse. When he cry, go getting a car drive, he'll stop. Leave. Yeah. See. Let me tell you some men who do that. Do that like kids for? ABC crime because I don't want to hurt you. I don't WanNa. See you disappointed. I. WanNa fail as a hook. So that's his way of being deep when he started crying. Just say, oh Lord and go getting a cau- drive off. Leaving right there. He will stop crying. Really what you. Health, there's no way to fix this. You can't talk again, a client who wants to cry. You know she says, how can I don't look? You know look at this I know movie. If. There's no movie playing. He shouldn't just be Kern. Brian. So Bryan Song and he said. A, love you pick. Akra. Yeah. Movie where? Ryan Song. Everyman on the show has cried at some point. So Ryan crying that. Disappoint. Nobody. I. Never. Craft. Disappoint nobody. Better get over. Mistakes. All. Right. So you. Steve. Lauren get in the car and drive off when he starts crying. Oh. Goodness. That's what he said. All right. This one's from Caen. She's an online listener, steed Caen. She says I recently ended a four year relationship, but my ex's family wants to stay in contact with me. I developed a bond would most of his family members and we spent a lot of time together over the years I feel closer to most of them then my own family but I do not want to cause any problems with my ex. I have tried to make sure he's working or not around. If I stopped by to visit and I'm not sure if this will affect my new relationship and I feel like I'm sneaking around. Is it wrong to stay in touch with my ex's family? Though the reason they stand in touch because you the best thing to happen. That's what the problem is. and. They just hoping to God. He pulled his stupid ass together. Realize what he did. And, they don't want you to far gone. So they they hoping for because he don't. He'd had done dumpings before. So this. Yeah. This say did if you had cheated on him to family, cut you off this what they know, he ain't about nothing. But she's already in a new relationship. Where you've been a new relationship is go hurt you because when he finds out you over there exits. He he he gonNA. figure. You know army. What what? Getting your car and drive off. A little. Bought it. All right This last one. Disappoint you. Can Ask him a question about. You drive off if you drive up when he's crying in, you come back. and. He's still crying. What would you? Take another nap around the block. Off. The point is for her, not to be in the house when he's crying. My Daddy's motto was you're going to get over it or you don't Dab man which owned. Up? Yes. Yes. Okay. Steve Fellow. This is from Camille in Newark new. Jersey. She says I have a three year old son that I adore and I have spoiled completely, I just had my second. And my son is totally jealous. I tried to explain to him about the new baby. But all he said was I'm the baby. Now, he yells at the baby and has tantrums when I'm feeding bathing or just holding the baby. He's been insisting that I hold him like a newborn. We don't yell at him or punish him because he simply doesn't understand what's going on how can we stop the tantrums and the jealousy a at first of all? How does he not understand what's going on? He knows exactly what's going on it ain't about me. No. He didn't figure that out and this little, whatever this is you `bout in Hill. All of a sudden is sucking up my time. Al-Muhajiroun as soon as you ain't Lookin', we'll do so many here. You don't leave see. So now what you got to do is you gotta snatch his ass up. Now you've spoiling the completely doing, it's okay. Door your children, absolutely. No. Doing your children most parents do. But he has two daughters. Newborn baby. He has a scoot over make room for him. So you have some real conversations with this baby right here and let him know that how important the little baby is to him. You know, make him a part of raising the bay. You got to hold your little brother. You'll do assistant. You got to be capped. Mueller brother yield assist to count on you. He needs you. Make him feel like he's responsible for something instead of somebody always responsible for him. You got to include him in the family diameter, but he he's he say, one more thing about the baby Nakazawa. Up, then. Or just get the car and drive off. List with the baby. To how? 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