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Extent. Yeah. The after credit scene, captain America with Steve Rogers, just beating the hell out of some bags like, yeah, he was. He was trying to deal with it distress of you're CNN have flashbacks of putting the Dockery into the ocean and losing Peggy, essentially, and he's just not coping that little still that's why he's beating the fuck of those bags. Yeah. I mean was that bag? You had your house by one hundred pound bag up on how big and I find that what Steve Rogers was hitting, it was pretty heavy heavy is probably about the same. And that's one of the things I liked is there's probably a lot of people that watch that scene. And didn't realize when it shows him pick up the bag and put it back up with one hand. That's that's no small feat. Heavy bags away a ton in there soft to they're hard to move very much, so, yeah, so yeah. Just seeing him just reaching down to like, you know, just like tossing it onto his shoulder. Then hanging it if you've ever worked with a heavy bag. You look at it that thing buck. That's a strong dude. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember just like putting hands on it like hitting it. It was, you know. So I can imagine this picking it up with one hand. I know I don't even think I could pick it up like that easily with both hands. I mean, I did hang mind by myself. But if you had a video of me doing mine versus what he did. While we different. Yes. Like my workout that night was hanging my bag. Two hours that's as long as you're not lying. Did that a couple of seconds? Oh man. So once everybody kinda agrees to accept fury's mission. They board that helicopter and it was kind of cool seeing the sixty four on the side, because that's, that's a reference to the USS constellation. You know, the kind of the flagship of the navy back in the day. So I was kinda cool. They use that number while they're on the heloc arear. We see cap he and fury, ten bucks. Oh, yeah. That's good stuff. I can't forget, what is what is the bet like a bed. Dollars. There's something contract. We need Moore's. I'll bet you ten bucks, like I can find something that's right. Yeah. Yeah. I pretty much the very next thing he sees. All right. Good. Also, can I point out that you can definitely see the difference in an actor working with a competent script a competent script writer and a good enough director because this guy playing captain America vs, this guy playing Johnny storm just a cavernous difference in quality of his acting. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I love Chris Evans as an actor because I've known about him since before he did fantastic or where he was captain America and. And he was in not another teen movie dust, the first thing I actually ever saw men with another. I loved him in that movie. And there were a couple of others. I can't think of their names right now just because tired and drawing a blank. But, you know, I'd seen him in, in a few other movies prior to this, and I liked him as an actor. So when he was cast as captain America after the, Johnny flame, and all that I was a little concerned, but it worked out. Well, I think is captain, America's outstanding. Yeah. I really I, I believe him Steve Rogers one hundred percent. There's never been him in that role in any movie where I've gone like. Maybe maybe not. But almost everybody else like anybody's played Batman. There are moments where I'm like, really by that one. And this guy's captain America. I'm one hundred percent and I can never remember the actor's name because he's another sandy blond handsome must be about the same age as Chris pine Chris Evans, all the other fucking crisis. All. There's three different curses in the marvel universe. You've got Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt. Yeah. So, and they also my interchangeable post Chris Pratt being fat. The now we've got everybody on the heloc area or almost everybody. So our pieces around the board they've got banner. They've got stark cap black widow and Maria and Nick so yeah, they're going over what needs to be done. What LOKI is doing what he's looking or they're trying to figure out what he's looking for and everything else. And trying to figure out what locals like. Goal is. Yeah. And then they pops up in Germany. Yeah. Some kind of gala, I I'm still a little confused as to what he was looking for their the apple. Well he. Yeah. He was. He was the distraction for a Hawkeye to break in steal whatever macguffin he was after that time. It was. I don't remember exactly what the chemical was called or the metal. But it was to stabilize the test, or at that was it. I'm able to this call a plot device at this point, it was a plot device trying to shiny thing, number two, but they the Wiki the Wiki LOKI to cause a big distraction, so he could get back there and do that. So key did it in the most gruesome on over the software? He could. Yeah. Well, not the most gruesome. He could've like, scooped the eyeball out with a spoon, and essentially scoop the I've all out and it was a song things. He did like a scan of it. No. No, no, no. I know do as writhing man, he was removing his eyeball. Yeah. I mean, I get sucked it out of his head view look where we're Barton is using it to create the digital copy. It's the whole eyeball its three dimensional. Yeah. Yeah, I knew he was making a new. He was scanning it, but I didn't really I guess, I didn't realize that killed that dude that new dead dead dead. And then the scene outside of that I actually love that scene where, you know, kneel before zodda moment. And that guy guy hits up like I you know, I am not going to do this. I'm not going to kneel you know, I won't kneel before any man like you. There are no men. Like he's like, there's always men like you love that fuck it line. I love that one. Yes. Yeah. And so from the air, you got black widow track and everything. And then she hears some ACDC. Come on radio. Yeah. While cash cow on the ground I love I love his interest is so great. Well at this point. This will be I think really was kind of solidifying moment of it. They had done such a good job of training, their audience that ACDC means Tony Stark's about the show up, and they yeah, that as soon as I remember sitting in the theater, watching it, and as soon as that head, I'm like, oh, somebody's getting their fucking ask now. Yeah. And then without putting up much of a fight and LOKI kind of goes with them. Yeah. And then there's also that was also a filmmaking trend at the time to the bad guy getting brought in. So you'd have face to face time with the heroes JAMES BOND did at this movie did it that shitty reversion wrath on. They did an Star Trek dark night. Did it? Was that the one with joker? Yup. They bought the joker in at him with that, man. Yeah. So this that was definitely a trend at the time. And also, this is another scene, where I really bought Chris Evans, captain America because he knows he could get his ass tan, and to him by this guy, but he's still not going to let this guy polish shit. And one of captain, America's one of the one of the attributes of that character that I appreciate more than anything else as bravery, and he's, you know, consistently throughout his, you know, his career comic book, you know, career his bravery is what is defined him. The yeah he's super strong, and whatever that really only matters when you're fighting other people when you go up against an alien, God it still he's not going to back down. Well, here's a question that we had, I think during or are the as guardians gods. Or are they just sort of alien humanoid aliens for another planet? What what's your? What's your? They're, they're aliens. They're, they're aliens. But they've been worshiped as gods. In the past. Yeah. Actually, I think more specifically the clear gender level. I think more specifically the question is, are they self-aware are do they think they're gods? I guess would would was what we were talking about on your own Thor episode. Sore is the God of thunder calls himself that, that's fair. Yeah. But an idea like, you know, when, when Thorpe shows up in the vendors that detach attorneys around goes talking the cap. You know, these guys are basically gods. You probably don't want to get involved in this store's entrance into this was pretty excellent to Thors entrance was actually, one of my favorite houses in the entire MC. You like of all, the movies, his entrance in this movie was fantastic light just because everyone else looks like they're concerned that they're on a plane. And there's a thunderstorm and LOKI. Of course It's like. like it's a little worse than that. They'll Like like what's what's coming. coming? But how how they introduce the war to iron man, and to captain, I think that was really well done the way bay fought each other at first, it was just kind of, like, all right. Well. Well, you know, as an audience, member, you're sitting back and you obviously going into even the individual films leading up to this, you know that these are the core members of the avengers. So you almost have it in your head that they iron man would be aware of the events of what happened in thorn, they'd be aware of what happened in captain America. And know this movie kinda shows you that, that's not the case like they're not aware at all. They've just been brought together and seeing each other for the first time. So, when Thorpe shows up, you know, us as the viewing audience knows okay? This guy is good. We saw it happened in Thor. We know what he's about to Tony stark is just some dude, who's powerful enough to land on a plane and in there. You know. So captain, yeah, I think I think they very subtly. Tell the audience, you know, it's like that reminder that they're not the avengers yet. These are just powerful beings in the world dinner meeting for the very first time. Yeah. There were a lot of things that during their fights like you see leader in later movies that I like. Oh, yeah. When? Just like or goes, the hit captain America with meal near. Yeah. And it just does nothing. I guess I guess it doesn't do any doesn't do enough. And it makes that shockwave but it definitely didn't seem like it. Her captain America that much, but through it, let off the didn't Gusta, vent, though, and fucking level every tree for a while. Yeah. Yeah. That. So one thing that this movie really does does in my head. When I watch it minutes, every time I've seen it is they show. Tony start getting fucking. I mean just pummeled thrown smash hit and I get he's wearing armor. Right. But if you ever taken a canned meat and throwing it against a wall came to see what happens to shit inside attain can when it suddenly, accelerated and stop not that I have ever done that. Never done. But, you know, in the in the name of science, I will conduct this. Go get a can of spam and throw it as hard as you can at a wall. You your fluorine its iron man. Fucking cans gonna banned in meets going to score it out of it. Guy every every body has like fucking concussion now. Yeah. You gotta think about what his suit is made out of it's not going to be made out of typical metal like a tin can is going to be made out of it's not. Yeah. But I I gotta be the same stuff shield is made. Admiral principle is it's not the suit that the problem is here. It's flesh inside of I can suit that is the problem. Accelerate the brain in stop at that quickly without there being brain damaged. Maybe that's why he's an asshole. Maybe that's why he's so era. Gueant. He's an alcoholic liquor taste good. That's, that's the reason these alcoholic. But perhaps I've said too much about problems. That's, so that's the for me. It gives you do in the ironman movies. They set him up to be pretty grounded in a believable reality. And then all of a sudden, you're like oh, yeah. And then there's a super soldier a giant green dude, and a God and bacon, totally all just fight each other. You know. You know. Yeah. But it works it works. I like it. It does it does it just moments. I'm just thinking like that can span would just be splattered on ground. It would be nothing left. Tony stark. No. Once we all get back, once they all get back on the healthcare here. You know, they start telling the war, what LOKI spin up to on earth. Yeah. I know. And they're like shit talking them and Thors like, hey, you can't do that. He's still my brother. Was it Natasha's? He killed eighty people in two days..

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