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At a concert and the newest crop of nominees for the polaris music prize lots to get to today chiming in today is lisa christiansen arts reporter and associate producer for cbc vancouver's on the coast and co host of the pop this podcast she's in our vancouver studio at lisa good morning tom at sitting right across from me right now is the host of cbc music's reclaimed jared martineau making his cue this debut hi jared your morning has it gone that's going well good good let's start with this fifty thousand disrespect so offended that i had to double check i'm always taking the money over swatting need me the way would expect so that's drake with his most recent single i'm upset from his highly anticipated new album scorpion which is coming out june twentyninth we think yesterday he put out a video for that song directed by toronto's owned corinna evans at the twenty two year old filmmaker who's working with a lot this year she also directed the god's plan video jeb for people who haven't seen the new video tell us about it i mean he continues in the tradition of making the most ken con can con possible video opens with him waking up in the middle of the air canada centre with giant toronto raptors logo there in the middle on a bed with a girl and then gets a phone notification that he has to go to his high school reunion which ends up being the actual set of degrassi with the entire cast we should point out that drake was a cast member of degrassi the next generation if you'd every canadian should know that that's a rule heritage moments yes it is i'm looking forward to the next littlest hobo themed drake video we should say the drake is the only one wrapping this video take a listen to this oh yeah yeah they wanna boto but you already know you're live that d'amoto genie ow so that's actors stephan bro grin also known as snake from grassy who's clearly evolved musically his dave ramsey i will say this drake has a reputation all jokes aside to making music videos that really captivate a culture that's not known for monoculture anymore it seems like everyone can talk about a music video how do you think this video measures up to that legacy well in terms of can con i have to go back to twenty thirteen we're being in a shoppers drug mart to me being the high water mark of watching him by life products was like i felt so seen you know this is me but of course this was fantastic this was lots of fun and i also like the fact that as much as it was degrassi the had sort of real high school reunion because apparently drake did drive up in his own ferrari which i would do at a higher school reunion if i had a and make sure that i tell everyone that is my ferrari so this was a lot of fun this was greatness daljit for canadians and also for the other fans a chance to have to look back at the grassy and spend some time this is interesting video especially because the last time you heard from drake was essentially him getting roasted by push t on this story of added on we're not gonna get into that we talked about that a couple of weeks ago but there have been all these rumors jarrett that this was going to be drake's response but yet it's it's a pretty light hearted lovely video what do you make of that i mean i think there's a bigger play going on with drake which is around trying to maintain a the best possible self image the sort of going hi instead of going low of this that in a way i mean i was reading something recently that was saying about the video that that kind of a pres like the pixar of rap in the sense that he knows how to manipulate everybody's emotions back into his favor and i feel like this video is like a really good play on that level so on one level he's trying to sit us i'm not even i'm not even responding so i'm taking a higher ground but at another level i'm gonna actually redirect the conversation entirely into exactly what lisa said this realm of the nostalgic the realm of the soccer in the realm of the motion heartstrings get pulled which completely takes takes it in a different direction and just to sound like a high school kid i mean drake started this elevated it to a place to.

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