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Case against president trump's expired travel ban that was the original one directing the fourth circuit to vacate his opinion and the case to it means that the high court is not going to rule on the merits of that case it's expired anyway and that the fourth circuit opinion which include some really strong language get since the president's motivation n attributing it to antimuslim animus is why from the books it's not there it's not part of the whole long lexicon now here's abc news supreme court contributor kate shaw it would have been very helpful for the challengers to this third executive order if that language about sort of the improper the nation's that lay behind the second order was still something that they can pointed that they can't site that opinion anymore can't cite the opinion can side the law the high court concluded the bans expiration in september is what effectively ended any potential for a lawsuit our news time now 735 2017 it continues to be the year of the roaring bowls on wall street the dow is seen more than forty new record highs this year the nasdaq more than 50 but does that mean a correction is coming michael smith with sta wealth management says you should be prepared have you done to crash scenario have you done what a garden variety fiber set correction we used to get through five percent corrections i what do you think the next five percent is going to look like if you know what is going to look like when it happened you don't freak out but he believes the bull market will continue if congress passes meaningful tax cuts that is going to be a big boost to many companies pass so yes i think you'll get a big boost the market conversely any conflict with north korea could drag the markets down core you'll said these radio seven forty ktrh president trump threatening to remove the massive tax breaks for the nfl over the continuing national anthem protests controversy present tweeted wisey nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem flag country change the.

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