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You got five all stores on the warriors? Yeah, that's why you need four to at least continue the gambling odds v. just showed those are gambling way the Lakers that is not say that the Lakers are third or fourth in the league as a chance to win. That's just where people are putting their money on. So remember that every time you see gambling. Kouzmin Ingram who I think of great trading chips. If say, Leonard, doesn't wanna be there anymore or Anthony Davis, as you mentioned the Oldman tip the scale for the Lakers, there's no other about new Rosen. The Rosen's not going anywhere we, you know, but what talking realistically and you have a chance to quiet, Anthony Davis, which could be realistic. That's the. He's not there yet. He's a great player. He's a all star, but he doesn't tip the scales like Anthony Davis or Kawai Leonard, you know what I'm saying? And these guys are. Superstar. I gotta tell you from LeBron's list. He's got Oklahoma City on this list which you guys just set the last segment. You certainly don't buy them as Western Conference. Final saying. Title. Have the to broad word. I'll put him in Kentucky. On here. They're not ready yet. They're young and they didn't improve this. Don't agree with Sixers, trying to read my terrible handwriting. It's not. A possible in my hand through there. Oh, just there's only three teams. Let's keep it real Boston Celtics. They're getting there in the east. Say, I'm putting Toronto possibility. I love Kawai. He's a top five player, but he's played in a year. He's been injured and this is something about to Rondo. I just. My boyfriend's. You know, they tease us over the years like they could be. We've been calling them contenders for the last three years. They've got the best record and they flame out in the winter. This is now a better. I mean, isn't Jerry right with Leonard. He's made a better team on the floor. You know what? Why does great. I love Kawai, but just something about the other players. Consider this. We will come back to this. Convincing the judge recommends for today's Zach, Lowe is back. He's got a piece on the dot com titled welcome to the NBA's all of absolute.

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