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I got my. One of my main guys here. Mr. Elliot hoarding sit across the desk from me. Hurry today. I'm good. I'm good. Good. Good good. So Knicks not with us tonight. Nick, just flew in yesterday from LA he trained Josh heart, which is one of the up and coming stars of the Lakers trained his dog put out quite possibly the best before after video awfully history. So you gotta check that out. We'll put the link below. But he he he flew in. I don't understand this guy schedule man he flew in yesterday last night. He got in. I think around eight pm any left today at like eleven AM to go to Florida to go look at having meeting or look at property. I'm not sure what he's no. But you know, they have flights from Florida. Yeah. I think it was kind of one thing about Nick, he never liked plans ahead. He's always like on just gonna go ahead and book my flight, three hours before I have to. Leave for the airport. So so anyhow he'll be back with us next week. And so tonight's episode. The reason why I wanted to do emergency episode because we need everyone out there that is listening and watching right now, we need your help. And let us explain why it is the time of the year where pretty much every state, right? Yeah. Pretty much where the the the delegates get together. And they present they have at least in Virginia. They have forty five days this year. Yeah. We got their session generalists simply session coming in their general assembly session, where they have forty five days every day ver- consecutive forty five days to present new bills for the state thousands of bills. Right. I mean, a lot of them get shit canned lot of them get thrown out or they're even looked at. And then a lot of get of pass through right? Yeah. It's a tough process. And there are a lot a lot of good bills out this year that I I was. The other night. I was just going through all of them and a few of them on my Heli Alec that. But the one that we're going to discuss tonight is house Bill eighteen ninety four and why don't you first of all let me enter introduce yourself. Just Elliot's been on here before. But let's for those who haven't seen that episode tell everyone who your so, I'm Elliot Harding. I'm an attorney out of Charlottesville Albemarle county areas. Central Virginia do a lot of different types of litigation a lot of criminal defense work. But through my work over the past two years have been pulled into a lot of cases involving dog owners and various cases, whether it's ones were dogs got bit dogs by people, but dogs by other dogs dogs. Get injured maybe a dog had a bad issue at a vet maybe dog got stolen tons of different stuff involving dogs. So that's kinda unique little niche of practice a stumbled on and. Then something was four years ago with Nico tell us that story because in all reality. That's how this Bill is even coming to light like you or I don't think most people realize this your the man behind HP eighteen ninety four for the most part. I gotta give a lot of credit to delegate Michael Weber. Of course, of course, he is the vehicle for this Bill. If it wasn't for him this Bill wouldn't be going through. But I will give a little story about Nico not going any. Now, you're good..

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