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Know serial killers. Yeah even like I know. People that are supposed to demand murders the Gotcha Gotcha criminal gist doesn't JFK thing. Even though it's interesting you know maybe because I lived it and you know I don't know and I might opinions everybody's choice so interested in it because there's more to it You know like the Manson murders people are into its case closed like even though everybody's like ninety five percent sure yeah or like did he was more to it like you said there's so much more to it's interesting murder weapon losy easy for real and even like the the scene of the crime. The BUNDY CONDO stands out from all the other kinds instinct loans. That you know it's just you. You know you go by there. Obviously you know go by once a week. I'm crazy but you actually have a instagram pitch. The OJ murder trial pays OJ Simpson and murder trial page with all underscores illegit underscore simpson underscore murder trial page. And you started this just out of boredom and you know I was posted on. OJ pictures on my regular instagram near. My friends are like dude enough. We're going to block you and then you know like you go by there no matter matter who did it you get this eerie feeling. People got messed up there. You know two people died there for sure we did but butchered Grazie like you get these Erie feeling. I up brought people here. They're like whoa like whether it's daytime or night. Yeah you know and and they just get this weird feeling you know. Let's get into your theory but what happened. That night would really happen before we we do. Here's something else to think about. What good drivers did not have to pay for? Bad drivers route insurance thinks that old way of pricing car insurance is unfair so they developed a mobile apt measures driving behavior and check this out by removing bad drivers from the equation route. Save good drivers up to fifty two percent in two thousand nineteen route makes car insurance easy and uses an APP to base rate primarily on how you drive. Route was the fastest growing direct insurance company in the last year in the United States is the world's first mobile first. This car insurance company and your insurance card is available right from your phone and if you don't get into an accident you can file a claim directly in the APP. Route is available in twenty states coast coast to coast. And if you refer your friends you make money just download the root insurance drive normally for a few weeks during the Reu test drive and see how much you can save. Don't wait eight. Give route a tried today head to your APP store and download the root insurance APP. Sign up in less than a minute and start your own test drive. That's route are ot download the APP today or visit join route dot com to learn more and see how much you could save. Not Available in. All States disclaimers may apply. See Join Route Dot com for details. So what's your theory. And what has so. I think again Nicole around this time. She was like living life and she uh-huh Jimmy when she was eighteen so it's kind of tied down from day. One.

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