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I. You're absolutely right. There's a lot to serendipitous. I remember having this moment where it was. is in java. It was a. I was doing a bunch of As he is doing that. I was about to write something to do. All of the crappy boilerplate around connecting to a database on running a query right. Because you got to think otitis olson from you gotta get a connection from that you go get a statement prepared statement which you have to prepare and from that event get aquarium you get results at under the every single step of that can filed so single is route try try try try and then it's just it's just page of noise way plumbing code. That has nothing to do with the end result of what. The application actually delivers in terms of value for the customer. That's not what you wanna be doing back. All you want to see it again. I think this one's because then on out at least on alcaide by at least in our project anyone else could just ride safe and justice aquarius. I'm use my query builder. Impo and have any of that tiny. So i tell you in seoul rapper. Something something intelligent coats said. What do you mean this one from. I know let me see you from using navigate. The changing the. I'm looking at the code. I was about to rights. I'm looking at pages and pages of the code. I was about to write with better era handling that. I was going to back. I'm going to use that. I'm gonna just serendipitous. Programming is joyful so predictable is predictable in terms of what it does. It also.

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