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Roll it. Well, well, well, hello, welcome to couple's therapy. My name is Ann. And I am Naomi. And we are here with our dear pets around us Mabel. Surround us. And you want to maybe lean in a bow tie. She's ready for everyone. Truly grateful. Maybe you've all come here to support her. Yes, thank you so much. Thank you. She just had her fourth round of chemo to that yesterday and today process. I don't know if really a three day process. If you count till tomorrow. Can you see it wearing on us? Do you see like we were just on our first vacation like a year and a half? We went for a couple of days to Palm Springs. And so I let my beard grow a little bit. Chock full of white. I don't know if it's just a pandemic, if it's just Asian, could just be aging. Or if it's also just like all the stuff we're dealing with with mammal, but it is sapping. Oh, you can kind of see some of mine. Y'all can see some of that girl. It is real. It is real, and I call it pandemic gray. Because I didn't have all that. No, okay, I didn't have on app before March 2020. Naomi's 28 and already looks like rogue. From the X-Men. I like that you said it like mister movie phone. That's a real throwback. Dial two. Or diagnosis murder. Dial four, or I married an expert murderer. I don't know. I tried to think of a movie from the past. I know I'm talking about that earlier today. I could think of a movie, so I literally was like, what TV show was on 20 years ago? Y'all can we talk a little bit about how veterinarians love to make you crazy? Can I get into that and drew? Well, I was gonna say, why don't we just go through Mabel's stuff and eventually get there? But if you want to start well now, what do you mean? Guys, we're on the uncharted waters. I love it. Go ahead. I'm gonna jump suit on show. It's probably you wanna start. I was just gonna go like, if you don't know what the process of chemotherapy is with a dog. Yes. Depending on, I guess, I guess it's different for every kind of dog that different chemicals, different, whatever's for Mabel. It is a two day process that we are doing every week for four weeks and then every other week for two months, two months, two months. So yeah, when I say halfway through, I mean, halfway through in terms of the number of treatments. We still have another two months of this. But she's doing good y'all, Mabel is doing way better. It's wild how this dog is straight chilling. I thought she was gonna like be real tire. She was gonna be like a little rickety. Mabel don't give a fuck, okay? I'm sorry, I heard parents were watching. I shouldn't be cursing. No. Mabel is chilling loving her life out here running these streets literally? She has poison coursing through every cell in her body and it is not slowing her down in the slightest. I swear to God, I'm like, we should all be so lucky. I know I couldn't do it, y'all. I literally was told I had a lumpy titty, and I said, cash it in. Cash it in. Wasn't even cancer. Just told that mati was lumpy and I said I'm out. I'm out. And I'm the one who told her. And I literally was like, okay, I need like the moment I was like, I'm lumpy, I'm gonna die. I'm just like, I take to my bed. I don't speak above a whisper. Right. I treat every conversation like it's the last year of Victorian. Very much so. We're like, Andy's like, I'm gonna go to the grocery store and I'm like, cherish it. Cherish it. I couldn't take it. That was like for just one week. And then Mabel up in here actually getting Nick chemotherapy and is like, can I eat some food? Can we hit the streets? And I'm like, yeah, you're right. You're right. Our neighborhood is like full of broken glass. It looks like crystal knock happens every night or something. And so it's very difficult walking me, but and I was like, not looking forward to the chemotherapy swallowing her down, but I was like, oh, it'll be easier to navigate the piles of broken glass and the burnt out husks of trash cans. Absolutely, when she is full of these chemotherapy chemicals, no, it's not. It's worse. She has more. The opposite. It's like a comic book. It's like she was bitten by a radioactive chemotherapy. Radioactive chemotherapy. Absolutely. I mean, didn't you say it was very very Wolverine? Yes. And Wolverine energy. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's like weapon X of course, a very common reference that everyone will get now. I'm actually, I bet that's more of a, I bet enough people have seen the movies at the very least, if not read them. I was gonna say adamantium. That is what I know. That's how many of those movies I've seen Adam Angie horses through Wolverine's veins. They are adamantium is his bones, right? I was not going to be replying. I was not going to correct it. I know, I know you weren't, and that's why we're still together. Because you will let me just pop up at the mouth. What did you say my first T-shirt should be, it's just me saying, I just be saying stuff. Sure. 'cause that's it. I just pop off at the mouth, let the chips fall where they may. After the jubu T-shirt sell out, then I'd just be saying stuff. Which is basically beside what? Okay, did Luke just call us nerds? Luke, I'm not a nerd. What if I just start fighting with people in the chat? And that's the whole thing. I don't put that comment up. The comments we want. When they insult us, Nikki, please don't put up comments insulting us. But so Friday, so it's basically like this. Friday, we take her across town, drive 40 minutes down. Santa Monica, historic root two to the vet hospital across town. And she gets a shot of chemicals and then the next day she we give her pills in the morning. Although every week it's been different. We thought last week we had settled on a routine where we get some dog food some wet dog food she likes and put the pills in. And she ended up last week. This week, now we're back to struggling with her begging her praying. I hated it. Frank God, cat food. Mabel loves cat food, and I'll do what it takes. I don't care. Grant, they literally cat food is like eating potato chips for a dog. The vet has said that..

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