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Guest his name is horst schultz. And i'm sure you're familiar with the company that he co founded in the company that he was once. The former president of the company is called ritz. Carlton hotel company horse scholtz. Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir. I'm create and delighted. To be sir the ritz carlton hotel company has set so many benchmarks for excellence in customer service. Your name has been publicized and people know you for the success you achieved but could you start off at the bottom and share with us where you're from and cutting your background be cut before becoming the king of hotels ho- king of kings good. I'm actually not looking at all. I'm i come from a very small background. Small village in germany lived Individual was fourteen. And then i left and worked in a hotel. I had back my parents to work in a hotel which was very unpopular at the time but They've found the best job that could find the finest hotel which unfortunately was about one hundred kilometers away from home. But i so. I left a lift here in a dorm room with other kids. Starting to work a busboy. Meant everything at the time cleaning. Washing dishes It cetera et cetera. Helping for three and a half year half yes worked in the kitchen worked in a restaurant wrote in the in the housekeeping and so on and after that i left and brockton the truly i mean i'm not etcetera finest hotels in europe in paris and in switzerland or the american line from new england. And after that. I came to the us in nine hundred. Sixty four Some francisco working in the hilton hilton private club and and so on worked started. Ended up it hi-hit in and worked for ten years in high end. Start as a director food and beverage operations director rooms chin miniature vice-president regional vice president corporate vice president and then i was offered to start a job to start a new company to tell span construction both in atlanta and so the headquarters was not lanta about developers and and Financial people and needed somebody to run this new company. Tell business to run the credit with the promise. Dmed me to promise it the that could go top end and so i left say at the time my credit company hit and moved to atlanta and started a new company a year. Later your first tower and that the cameras caused and that's the story that is a lot that is your you. You just flew through incredible career. Let me reset your age fourteen. You just said that at age fourteen. You started working. Is that correct. That's correct yeah correct. Well it's not an untypical german way way of getting into a profession. You walk in that profession and once a week or two the to school relative to that profession down smart idea. That's a typical Trade korea in germany. I saw a talk you gave on youtube by the way. I've been watching way too many of your videos so i apologize for cyber stalking you so much but i want you deliver a talk and i was out. My kids had a cheerleading event and in kansas city and so the way shooting events goes kids perform for about three minutes and then the rest of the weekend. You're kind of you know hanging out at this arena. So i went back to the hotel while i was waiting for them to perform and i watched videos and one of the things that you said and i had to play it back over and over and over as you were comparing you were comparing your commitment to having excellence in work with your commitment to staying married. If i'm getting that correct could you please explain the parallels between committing to bring excellence and committing to stay married while it it. It's all i believe. Everything we do is a decision that we make not not not a pipedream clear decision. I met in marriage. I met a clear decision. When i got merit i will be in love with that woman for the rest of my life not just lover but be in love and i can tell you unequivocally i'm married. Forty years am totally in love with that woman but it takes work. It's not different than when you take a job jamaica decision to be excellent in that job job or whatever is in life decisions i can either just go to work or go to work to create excellence. I always say. I got a for two reasons. One is to create. Excellence in what i'm doing too is to be with my friends if they like it or not tim o. Friends if i have that attitude. I enjoy going there and create something. Why are we to eight hours. Whatever we are at work now you know in a leadership position as much more dollars but what it is eight hours wasted and just do function rather than whatever. The function is good. Excellent the dish washing or whatever. It is could excellence in that but the well how does a cop out well. It's a decision and decision on which you on neutral work on which you which you remind yourself all the time and this deal so it is not different mid anything ounce horse. I don't want you to Throw anything over the phone here. And i'm not. I'm not that satan needs an advocate. But i'm going to be the devil's advocate. Because i grew up really poor. I didn't start working on his fourteen but really sixteen is when i started my first thing and i am not a stranger of the sixty hour the seventy hour work week. I'm not afraid to get to work at for five or whatever. I'm also going to take care of my body and get sleep and also style five kids. I've been married eighteen years. So many people i see they say well the reason why i didn't get to work on time. They just didn't feel like it. And so they have so talk to me about your mindset of committing the excellence versus other people saying i just don't feel yeah but this is no different. I have friends of friends. A couple of years ago is good. Good friends and getting divorced. I mean of course when people who've been divorced it is a total friends and everybody gets divorces. It's import fall. And when i had to sit down i didn't understand their were for to purely for people. Good looking people. Friendly people won't be ba honorable people so i had to sit down with us from johnson. Said why why why it'd be fuelling. What are you waiting for feeling. I rather mega decision. What my feeling is wrong. Make it make a feeling make my decisions. Can you repeat that against sir. That was great. Yeah well i'm saying i really are that. Make the decision. What i feel rather than have to feeling decide what i what i do. How how who i am et cetera. Is this is. This is so unreasonable to even allow that to happen. You make a decision on them. You communicate with the the decision you have to fight against the feelings that. Try to interfere with your decision but it has to still your decision and the and the feeling. It's your decision and not did you. Your decision is it driven by your feelings that right. There is a a knowledge nugget that somebody needs to write down to put that on a t shirt. Many people today should consider getting a tattoo tattoo that as a tattoo. Now i want to ask you this because you worked very hard for fourteen. You work your way up. At hyatt and then my understanding is at gerald w blakeley he owned the one individual. Ritz carlton in boston. And he sold the the trademark. And the brand. To william b johnson who i believe was the largest owner of the waffle house franchises. My correct you owned about one hundred fifty hours in office buildings and the incident and also owns merita tells and are managed by marriage and and and holiday inns when he built to hotels which is supposed to become holiday inns he could not come to agreement at the time with all in us to the fees and cetera et cetera. When somebody recommended him to start his own hotel companies on brand that put on the surge. I came in high it. We then say it when we were he we acquire. I'd be a quiet name african we had a couple of names subiaco quiet and and But we said we'd be clear to have an existing name that already mixed sense that a people know it is a hotel and we we pursued to tell us a one hotel in san francisco and so tell and and he and and another one and and he came back and said the ball this also in in boston. We didn't like that because it was a tower hotel. It was terribly dilapidated. It was only four. Vehicle for monthly renders. All people live nor air conditioning song But the mark hopkins fell through so he purchased because it was a crib location and frankly the name everybody knew doctorates meant risk called mental. Even though it was not.

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