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At the lowering the business behind the walls and and what that entails you get no better access for no better education then that you know uh so again to answer question mark yeah it was it was kind of dialogue envisioning was always there we knew the work had to be done because look at the end of the day the last thing i always used to say this the last thing i'm gonna be is back in granny's basement with basic cable dependent someone else center nervously won't got premium shuttles now know you're you have to they have opened up in on but it is is crazy rich because as you said it's a multibillion dollar industry but it's also an industry built on people doing things the same way it's always been done and they're very resistant to change and doing things in a different way of thinking outside the box and when when i think about what you guys recover you specifically really you really blazing a trail that did not exist before with that when you are an out basically changing the way people do business there's a lot of resistance and the resistance comes in the form of rival agents it comes in the form of uh t o organization them be teams not really like an an an intense many cases it might even come from media people because they're in bed with some of these other entities their vested in belittling what you dohrn or um basically dismissing it making it seem like a solemn mistake so my question for you is how frustrating was that early on 'cause i know now now you you're you're a big player so it's like add let him talk but at williams starting how frustrating was after you and how did you get to those times or mart even on reporting on our part as a man come all right i'll try after are on trial.

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