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Or by phone no need to meet with their landscape crew call eight seven seven Stadler or visit them online it's three eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks Virginia crash on I. sixty six eastbound between fifty and one twenty three was quickly moved out of the way nothing left a rubber neck westbound any single lane closures in that facility will not cause delays because traffic is light across the region the backups are because of work sounds rather bottlenecks and not volume there's a lot of capacity on the highways right now with the stay at home orders and affect essential travel only beltway in Virginia is fine ninety five south bound to the octagon some debris report on the left side note the license waving at worst tidal basin road closures remain up independence Avenue off limits Memorial Bridge is as well heading into Washington from Maryland by way of kennel worth Avenue in the Baltimore Washington parkway delays to go south on DEC two ninety five paving one left lane gets by between eastern boroughs should be picking up the works on your Pennsylvania Avenue answered when parkway farther south interleukin your four fifty near exit twenty in Maryland on the inner loop it's a debris spill two left lanes are once again blocked left tap blocked right half getting by slow for the Baltimore Washington parkway exit on south on the internet works on a roof for Pennsylvania Avenue is clear at the bay bridge it's clear sailing but gusty wind warnings no restrictions at the bay and also the Potomac on three oh one for drivers north and southbound on three oh one that I S. Middleton bridge main street banks advanced technology delivers safe fast and convenient banking M. street bank dot com mainstreet bank bank where you breathe Dave told on WTOP traveler let's go to Matt Richard storm team for those early spring winds in full force right now yeah absolutely it's been a pretty gusty day.

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