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Equal housing lender license in all 50 states in MLS number 30 30, You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to have to speed things up. You could get the farmers signal happen That could get you up to 15% off your auto policy. That's just for using the happened driving like the normal speed limit very full. Stop making lane change, signaling human being you are Get a whole lot of something with farmers Policy perks Start with a quote by calling 1 800 farmers. We are now for the legal something available on every student discount. There is only available with like minded policies. Legitimate conditions of the farmers. Ranchers changes our affiliate. Wins news time. 11 38 in 10 10 wins Entertainment Kim Kardashian turns 40 Today she sat down with David Letterman for his show on Netflix and it she talks about the OJ Simpson trial in which her father was a defense attorney. That was 14. But my dad let me drive at that time. On and I pulled up to the gate on my way home. And there was all these cameras outside and then that night on hard copy it, said Robert Kardashian's mistress. Pulling up to his house was like, Oh, my God, like I couldn't believe it. Also featured on my next guest needs No introduction. Dave Chappelle and Liz Oh, they saying CMT awards tonight. Nashville with Blue Combs, nominated in three categories that ties him with Ashley McBride, Dan and Shake, Kelsea, Ballerini, Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett came Brown and Ashley McBride joined Modern family actress Sarah Highland is co hosts. The show airs on multiple channels, including CMT and MTV Wins News Time. 11 30 J. Foreigner.

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