Peter Frisch, Wall Street Journal, FBI discussed on Morning Edition


Peter frisch who who are they they're journalists correct while the full agendas i mean clan simpson was there was a distinguished correspondent for the wall street journal he he specialized him what you michael postsoviet muck russian organized crime and the the way that that the kind of vitamin preachings kind of country has has seen a a merger between criminal elements in states and so he he was someone with a kind of track record he he's he's a gun for harmony he's wefa kind of different plants over the years but i think he i'm and i can't speak for him but i think he's been increasingly frustrated with a sort of partisan way that republicans have gone off to his firm and this one very important aspect to his kind of article which is this the the fbi he says began investigating trump on russia not because of the steel dossier because of separate warnings from from intelligence agencies in my country the united kingdom but also in europe and indeed australia who are picking up meetings between donald trump camp pain people and russian intelligence assets and this is won't galvanized the whole inquiry and just two two why is it so important to glenn simpson to make it clear that the steel dossier did not trigger the russia investigation because these these attacks saw on fusion and glenn simpson's personal credibility full away if the dossier was the only source reporting and you can say 'yes she pressed making the dossiers bully career but if you say it's all wrong falls fake news and so on then you have no inquiry but more problematic for for the white house he's the fact that the ice is very good allies to routinely share intelligence worst sang as early as late two thousand and fifteen in spring two thousand sixteen wake up but there are some worrying contacts going on in london and other european cities between basically russian spies and trump peak paul and you should know about this now that that's much harder to dismiss and i think it's more problematic full president trump and what investigators on he'll become so interested in investigating fusion gps eventually they sat for one hours of testimony or something the yeah i mean i i mean i think this is probably one f against things and to answer but i think it's a kind of classic smear and and you focus on on process.

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