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Rams. Have a little bye week in there. They're going to lose to Miami and tua gets a concussion and throws three picks in the fourth quarter. They still need two wins. Everybody is back on the bandwagon. And I continue to think that they are not very good. They've gotten everything they could have possibly needed the last three weeks to follow in their favor. And it has. And they haven't played great football. They barely beat the rams. That was like a that was a game for a while. It's crazy that they are where they're at because they aren't lights out. And Rogers has been eerily confident in these press conferences like, well, we just got one everything we needed to happen and it happened, and it did. For everyone to lose last week, the way that they did, and then then go on Sunday and beat the dolphins the way that they did. It's eerie, dude. I don't know. Does he know something that we don't? I don't know, because everything has happened the way that they need it at the chart out to happen. After being four and 8, no Christian Watson probably. And if he's playing, he's going to be banged up. He's practiced. And he's going to be banged up if he's playing, but he's their speed guy. He's their best. Listen. I don't want to defend Minnesota. You can't have said this to Sal on Sunday. Them and Baltimore, the two. I can't believe this fucking team teams. That just all season where you're like, how did I lose that game? I can't believe it. I can't believe I lost money on them. It was the right pick. I would do it again. Both of those teams. But Minnesota over and over again, especially late in the games. They make plays. They do it at the Giants game giants tie the game 24 24 and it's like, wow, giants have all the momentum they're gonna win in OT. No, we're actually gonna win this one. That's the thing. At what point is it? Hey, there are 11 and O one one score games at what point is it like they're lucky, they get or at what point is it? They're pretty clutch. I think Justin Jefferson's numbers on these final game winning drives. They're insane. He's got like 11 catches for a 168 yards and three touchdowns on game winning drives alone. Like, they're really good when it matters. They're clutch. This has got double importance for the Vikings. One, it eliminates the packers once and for all, and it

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