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I'm waiting to watch the replay myself because he must have seen the help get there no that's good help that's a good call the charge under these laws to try to take advantage there's brown in the right a piece shot is up to no good what's the calls are going to Daniel Howes we had Brian fourteen every daily looking at each other jailing the call jumped into the head of the year you did a good thing he pump faked I think they're gonna look at it because he had him in the jaw with his elbow but what he did was Paul Baker by the way and then instead of just shooting open shots try to get the fall also did make contact with these charges to be interesting clearly on the digital the weather gonna check for the flagrant foul as David Guthrie and Brian for tape with the headsets on to talk to Secaucus a trio of NBA podcast Zach Lowe Brian Windhorst agent were to now ski join the conversation where ever you get your podcasts so PJ they are discussing with the replaced centre back it's a caucus John Goble Jenna Schroeder and Kevin Scott so just an offensive yeah David Guthrie said it was a natural shooting motion because he kind of wanted it wasn't one of those plays where he went under the guy would just combine the kind of wait for we're trying to make contact again the correct a better play would have been if you had to do over again just go straight up and take a three point shot put a little green he wanted to get the follow also any cost the house who was fantasizing that draw well you should a good call by the way my hair down yes so Robert Covington lives out of the back door to heart is harassed by Marcus smart five and a half minutes ago first half the rockets who were trailing this game by seventeen have it down to ten obligate socially goes to the right side helping to get by his man drives and kicks to the top here's hard side steps for at forty missed it online but short Hey were the rebound to Boston they were due to the flood the three point line out of the elbow down to the planes flying low set up really good business you have to do tonight because these attacks the rim as Westbrook does getting deeper laying it in from the right side both of these teams are just for white shooters any kind of break the league with they just won't let each other.

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