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And welcome to the sporting lying with jeremy sha'ath over the next hour in a twopart conversation paul's warning discusses college and pro football and help vince lombardi would act in today's game boy russe joko need carefully what do you either did it is way of the euro that way beneath through his latest best way nobody's ever have the record like he said and herve cross on the differences between football players of past and present it with the make kanter former allied conditioning program blair fact most of the gadgets wounded feazel is over but the get apart and job until i can come back to the next cleveland the try keep readiness able from the families plus a head of espn's from we'd go loma fight group bought the rick lanes wiped boxing draws more interest in europe republic quite different over there you're able to put on by federal never fell the night they they've been able to maintain that kind of enthusiasm pat feeling that it special that has been largely moth from i this she's the sporting life on espn radio and the us pnr here's jeremy shaft welcome to this week's edition this 41 the weekend full of excitement surrounding the nfl and the house football playoff we're going to be taking a look back and alert a few things about the game in the past from some of its most impactful characters that up a football's changed and we'll be discussing it's less than certain future it is an honour as always to welcome to the show pro football hall of famer paul warning the 1950s six heisman trophy winner out of notre dame and paul before we we get into some of the.

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