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And I do think the reason I'm talking about this. Colli Leonard's taken a bunch of days off load management. It's kind of funny, new term, I didn't buy into it, but he is the healthy guy that appears to have more gas in the tank now. Steve Kerr this from this morning was asked about K D status for tonight. And here we go. He. Yeah. He went through full shoot around and went back to get treatment. And so we'll listen to as game time decision, but the look good and. We'll see where it all. Yeah. So it's kind of bumpy audio but, you know, the, the injury changes really the entire NBA just think, you know, it's the domino effect. Just think of what Kevin Durant injury affects a the outcome of the finals Canada. If he doesn't play tonight, probably has an NBA championship. That's a big thing to listen. They're hockey teams can advance to the next round so you can make an argument that he it is a seismic shift in the culture of Canada, where the NBA team is competing and winning a championship over a dynasty. And makes a massive impact culturally for the next thirty years in Canada, where young kids grow up basketball fans over hockey fans. It has it changes the outcome. It changes culturally, you know, I'm not I'm not trying to hyperventilate here Canada because of their tax system. It's harder to get the world's best hockey players. It's their sport. We can have in play down in Miami. And no state tax Dallas Stars. So Canada's been struggling in recent years, the last decade to get teams to the second third in the Stanley Cup final, now you're NBA team wins it over a dynasty, that is going to resonate for twenty years in Canada. It also rewrites the warriors dynasty a little bit. Oh, so really, they only won one title without K D, And that was because career began, Kevin love got hurt kind of rewrites the dynasty. I also think does it affect Kevin Durant's decision on free agency will hell I'm hurt. What's the point of going plan forty two minutes a night with a bunch of scrubs in New York? I think it affects other stars free agency. Kyri and Kevin Durant sounded like a really cool thing if Kevin Durant, like bro. I'm not moving and kyri by himself to Brooklyn is just what they have now de ngelo Russell all star, good player, not that relevant big picture. NBA. I also think if Kevin Durant loses and stays at affects LeBron in the west. It affects the Houston Rockets. You know, I think there's this, this is a big deal. Kevin durant. Not playing and I know everybody in Toronto you're making excuses. You can't lose MJ. Kobe Shaq magic bird Dunkin Kevin Durant in the finals. It's not an excuse. It's a reason they're not the same team. It's not to say Toronto's, not good. But I. You know, I start looking at this whole thing, and I think the golden life for all of us listening as you age work smarter, not harder. Kevin Durant going to the next off this injury. I don't think smart. I don't think it is. I think it's working harder with less town in people I am for players making more money and the best players playing with the other best players. And, you know, I was thinking about this. We don't like the way the warriors were constructed. We don't like the Kevin Durant chose them. We don't have a problem with how Michael Jordan, and the bulls were constructed even though they added Rodman. They traded for you know, they traded for a bunch of guys. But we don't like that Kevin Durant. Chose the warriors. So as the warriors lose the finals nobody wants to hear we'll because Katie didn't play..

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