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Betsy McCoy welcome back to chemical radio and I hold governor that you had a peaceful and a pleasant Easter holiday even if the world is still kind of in this crazy suspended state all right you're very fortunate I did have a very quiet Easter holiday and even check in with a brand new grandbabies on Winston born just a week ago so wonderful day Wednesday and I love that name yes named after a war time leader and we're in a war of sorts against this corona virus and so I think he's got a great future and more all enjoying handle if for no other reason than he's your grandson he's already an interest rate yeah I got a lot of questions last week I was very dismayed when Dr Burke's finally admitted to what I had largely seen in kind of discounted is kind of rumor mill stuff on Twitter and and so forth that CDC was instructing people to count deaths in a way that I've that I've that struck me as being irregular you're on the CDC calls it you do you deal with this data you see how things are done all the time tweet on this which I almost never do I recieved the bulletin from the CDC about this method of counting gas and I did find it was a regular I understand that at this time when they're asking society to do so much to accommodate to change their routines literally give up their jobs their homes everything that your would be a tendency from conscious or otherwise to want to maximize the seriousness of this issue but I did think it was quite a regular occurrence directions on how to count gaps especially considering that this is the same organization that we can use this to instructs states to include gas from hospital infections on the death certificate now wait a second governor Macquarie I need to make sure I clearly and because you this is a hot item for you in the hospital infection things like you're telling us when cold it was still something happening over in China that the main way we could prevent ourselves from getting sick was not showing up in an emergency room but you're saying right they're not taking that into consideration well what I'm saying is that year after year and especially one Tom Frieden was head of the CDC all patient advocacy groups were United and really asking the CDC to recommend to the states because states are in charge of death certificates let me include gaps from hospital acquired infections because if you go to the hospital sure you're having heart surgery and you contract all Meursault or another deadly instruction and you guys from a person with the same address certificate they chose they sounded that you drive from some sort of heart related matter when in fact you drive from hospital infections so the dosage of three kids are misleading and if people could see how enormous hospital acquired infections are how many drastic because each year there would be a huge swell of public opinion should demand the truth will now we have the same agency aw what would you call it forgings started shooting the statistics to possibly overstate these corona virus gas we just want the truth please just like we want the truth on the matter of mash here's another area where I've been doing a lot of research and so many studies several years back before anybody ever heard of this coronavirus investigated whether homemade or cotton masks work to CDC is now telling everybody to make a mask and wear it but you're currently in a search gets well and let's talk about into your point about hospital infections I was doing some research on gun deaths versus auto deaths a couple of years ago and somebody sent me a note and said you really wanna do you really want to see something that shocks you look at a hospital that and I went and looked up the numbers it was I think five to six hundred times the percent of the car auto auto deaths and about the same even more so than gun deaths and I thought how come we never hear anything about that why not right I know that we do because Betty's out there talking about it but if I didn't know you governor I will I don't know that it would be being reported anywhere very unfortunate and when I first sounded great almost twenty years ago reduce infection does not one St required hospitals to disclose their infection rates now thirty eight do but they still seem to get around it and nobody's really telling you how many people die in their institutions from hospital acquired infection sets of course not today's topic except I don't like the fact that the CDC is manipulating the number well it's and it's troublesome because if you're making public policy pronouncements based on bad data you're gonna get bad policy and that's what that's what brings me to this issue I have counted no less than at least two dozen times now where doctors found she has come out and made some horrible proclamation about something that's just tragic and so forth and within twenty four hours she's already walking it back but governor sometimes within the next couple of days Leavis rated his original position in his own state too much time with our morning about doctor strategy said it's highly regarded Jello who's been there for years and years but here's the point she's not the problem it's the centers for disease control and prevention that has let us down again and again and frankly the place order be cleaned out because the career bureaucrats who run the show there have failed this year after year they were they were out to.

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