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Agency. I totally underestimated Jamar chase. To give myself a tiny little pat on the back like maybe a pinky finger to make myself feel a little better. I did save the off season narrative that he couldn't catch was ridiculous and you know, I'll give myself that. But this is a good team. I mean, this is this is a classic middle era, Marvin Lewis, Bengals team that regardless of whether they're going to make the playoffs or not, they're going to be really annoying to play. They're going to be dotted with talented players. And it's weird to say this, but I would say, you know, I mean, Jesse Bates is not playing as well as he has in previous seasons, but he came into the season as arguably one of the two or three best safeties in the NFL. DJ reader is playing as one of the four or 5 best defensive tackles in the NFL. And you have Jamar chase in line potentially for a rookie of the year bid and you have three good to great offensive lineman, which like, who the hell thought that was gonna happen, you know? So you gotta hand it to this coaching staff. They had a vision that we really couldn't see from 30,000 feet. And we as in me. I don't want to lump anybody else in here with me. No, I also underestimated the immediate impact that Jamar chase would have in this offense. It's really been transformative. And I was with you, Connor, I thought they should have gone offensive line, but clearly they knew that chase was this can't miss prospect. And what we're seeing now is far beyond what you normally see between a quarterback and a rookie receiver because borough and chase have played together before because they had that college experience. And obviously that made chase even more valuable to the bangles that you could drop him into the offense. I mean, certainly he still had to learn your scheme and your calls and the routes you want him to run..

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