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Fast for forty days and forty nights the preparation for the beginning of his preaching ministry. The preparation for him to be go to go out and be since they draws to the wilderness for forty days too fast from food he was hungry. It says verse two ends with. He was hungry and then the Tim then the devil shows up and begins to tempt him and the first thing he goes after after is bread. I've got food. Aren't you hungry. and Jesus connection to the father. He didn't just wander around looking at the sand or the trees or whatever it was for forty days he didn't just go spend time in the wilderness by himself he connected intentionally to the father there and his response to all three temptations from the devil was scripture was a connection to the father man does not live on on bread alone. The devil tempted him with flesh. Desires food power security. All of this can be yours. He attacked his physical body. That's weakest point but Jesus connection in. That moment was not to his hunger. Your pains it was not to the flesh desires. It was a connection with the father. Satan attacked his identity as a son of God and Jesus came out of the wilderness unfazed by the temptation. In Luke. Four fourteen says Jesus returned to Gallery Galilee. You in the power of the spirit. The end result of this connection to the father is in Daniel's case wisdom understanding favor you you and Jesus is situation. The end result of this connection with the father is the power of the Holy Spirit. The understanding that I'm going to go out and I'm GONNA face temptation. I'M GONNA go out. I'M GONNA persecution. I'M GONNA go out on my ministry and I'm going to be tired. I'm going to be hungry. I don't WanNa sleep with the father. Author will sustain me. The father will power me. The father provides. That's that's the beauty of this connection with the father fasting. We will be hungry. We will be tired. It will be challenging we pour. We're into the engagement side of the discipline. How do we connect with the father? And this is encouraging for me. As I read this Romans eight nine and ten says is this that we are not in the flesh but in the spirit if in fact the spirit of God dwells in you anyone who does not have the spirit of Christ does not belong to him but if Christ iced is in you although the body is dead because of sin the spirit is life because of righteousness the spirit empowered Jesus as he left the Wilderness holderness and the spirit dwells among us for connected to the father this idea detachment we pair them up together in the same because it may not be food for you it may not be food for you but it's it's probably something it's probably something that's tethering you down that's tie that's holding you back from connecting with the father and this idea of detachment for me at times more downstream. I'm more aware of this more evident to me. The things that bind me up and hold me back. Yeah but it's also just been about managing the calendar at times also been about was detached from this. Let's let's untethered from this thing. I turn my phone notification so it doesn't bother me as much. We'll my replacing it with my pouring into my relationship relationship with Christ. I'M GONNA look at a couple examples this morning. The first one listener detachment is an example of a non example right this non non example of detachment mark ten seventeen through twenty seven. We would know it as the rich run the rich young ruler. He comes to Jesus Zinni and he says what shall I do inherit eternal life. I've done all these things. I've kept the commandments. I've I've done what I believe the law tells me to do and Jesus says one thing you lack go so everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven then come follow. Tell me the man did not do it. He says he went away. Sad his possessions his wealth his value who. He was as a rich young ruler. Whatever that was had more value to him than the connection was Jesus held them back from fully living into who he was called to be and then Peter Speaks up and says we've left everything everything to follow you? Hey look at him. He won't do anything he won't sell that. I've given up everything that's where a second story comes in the example here is Peter saying I left it all I detached from everything including my father. What about US Luke? Five one through eleven is the story of the calling of Simon Peter and Andrew you out fishing the comeback in they didn't catch anything Jesus says. Hey let's go out and catch some fish like we've been out there all night long. He's like let's just go again. They push out and cast their nets and they begin to pull it in and it's so heavy it's sinking the boat and they call their buddies off the sea as they come over your help us. We're going down in cut the nets. Let's and release the fish. They got other boat and they get it into the shore. and Jesus says you're fishing for men and it clicked and they left everything everything the Hall of their life. They're both their nets. And then Luke says they left their father Zebedee on the shore. Their example here is something was going to prevent them from spending time with. Jesus can't have have the life of a fisherman and follow the savior around so they they knew what it was for them. The rich young ruler giving get it. He didn't. We know that his wealth was the problem when it was exposed to him and his eyes were open. He don't WanNa know part of it. Simon Peter Andrew said I'm going to detach from what I know. What's comfortable for me? What is what is life giving me provides me my income the time with my dad on the water going to set that aside to follow? Oh you it's not about simply abstaining from something. It's about setting something aside in order to connect with the father and so for me. What is it please understand as we move moving this section about application about about setting something aside in order to commit to something else about plugging into a power that comes from Christ? I'm not saying that these things are bad. Don't want any many bay feel guilty about their possessions or their time or their phones or their or their hobbies or the fact. They're going to sit on the couch tonight and WanNa be completely -pletely unplugged from everything else except for football game. Do not feel guilty. I'll be there with you all of these. These things food sleep exercise companionship. Intellectual curiosity flatly desires convenience comfort material security fame legitimate desires Zaire's of human beings. Those things are in eight. Those things are natural. Those things in and of themselves are not bad when they have an unhealthy position in order of importance in our life. That's where the problem begins to the happen to. Some degree is normal to satisfy the desires but when it becomes the chase instead of chasing after relationship with Christ just these items become our idols. They become things that we can't live without just like the rich young ruler. Wer You are engaged. I think that's how you say it. It's necessary that we should steadily resolve to give up anything that comes between ourselves in God steadily resolve. I figured out. I don't do a good job with technology. Still it's a steady process right. It's a daily commitment if it's fasting for you. It is not like like every Monday. You wake up and say a whole it's Monday. We don't eat today. I it's a it's a regular commitment to give up something that comes between our relationship with God so I said this beginning my message and those of you who may not know me. I mean. I'm the school superintendent but I spent a lot of time in the buildings. It's been a lot of time in events and seen kids in the last eleven years. How you go to a basketball game has changed changed dramatically than it was when I started right? We tweet about we we We share instagram photos of it there on the. They're in the student section on their phones. My.

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