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With David Glover. A web page called bad voter and on his Facebook page. He has combined. Interesting data taking the different candidates for city council, and the total number of votes, the total contributions, and in theory, if they spent all the money that they reported how much each vote would have cost, and it is absolutely fascinating. Especially I think in ward five David Greene will David of. Had he spent according to your estimation, forty seven dollars and forty six cents per vote where his opponent Christina hull who got six hundred ninety two votes about half of what he got that. She only spent seventy two cents, right? Well, you know, what's interesting. If you look at the two incumbents ran they both want about sixty five to thirty five percents. So fifteen percents switch and change. And you know, you have a different outcome. I mean, both Stonecipher in green Wellstone, forty seven degrees. Well, fifty six dollars per vote war Stonecipher, but their opponents. I mean, Warren Durmishaj who is a teach for America person's been only ten dollars roughly provoked, Christina whole, really. I mean, she's been eating quite a bit less. Yes. And I did not interview anyone from the ward too because they were five candidates, and I couldn't get them. All. On it. But Kerr I interviewed everybody else. So it was very interesting to me to talk to them. Great candidates exactly that there was actually a contest between everybody time. And who's nice that they, you know, have the ability to choose this has been one of the observations in the wild. But there's been contested race in every single category. And in great candidates. I was impressed. So one of the things that's come out of this is they're making a big deal about how we have young council members. But you know, younger than forty what what is your take on that? And how do you think they will be well, you know, the thing about it is that I think in some ways I saw some things on Twitter. They were people were saying that, you know, they they need of get over the young. And these people are all adults, and you have quite a good working background. You know Sunday. I just heard about James. Papers that supposedly something in the city. Charter that's going to potentially force him to resign from be teacher custody conflict between Venus being getting some traffic compensation from the state and the city, which I think I'd like to see it that could be changed because it'd be awful to lose him as a as a teacher. That's one thing. But I do believe that. I mean, I think city council it shows that it it's going to be a win for neighborhood transit and probably projects that are for citizens over sort of the traditional maps projects that some people feel or more fister and chamber Centric. So I mean, I think you know, if you think about the three to four youngest people on city council Joe back James Greiner in Faneuil, James Cooper. And then also making nice. What's interesting is that even though Greiner he's been there for six years. You know, I I actually we get along. Really? Well, and I think he really cares. You. About the city, and I see those four people along with mayor whole, maybe doing some things that you wouldn't necessarily expect to be mayor whole went on on a lamb and say, we're going to have indigenous peoples day been voted down in the past the past council said that we're not for urban hens, which you know, they're not Roosters. They don't make noise. But it lets people, you know, keep and raise their own chickens for eggs, you know, there's talk of ten to twelve wards. You know, there's talk of changing the petition days from ninety which makes it almost impossible to iron fifth year one hundred eighty you know, so all these things all of a sudden become much more possible Ramirez, you get close to four or five votes. And then all of the city council, you don't want to be on the wrong side of the boat. So they sort of all goes the other way. So I I think it's gonna be exciting. They're not think everybody's gonna it's gonna be fun. I think so too. Now, you're such a great observer. What do you think we'll be in maps for? Well, I think people need to read beyond the headlines because sometimes when some of the headline writers write something, you don't realize I was at an event where Steve lack Meyer sort of overview with a victory city council candidates from ward six boy leaves for the chamber and also the currency accounts. Nikki nice, but then the article was written about it almost made. It seem like probably by actually that you know, they're they're talking about putting a cap override to thirty five in the aquarian. Well, the candidates to bring out the questions that Steve asked brought that up. I think you really need to start listening to the candidates that you know, if you if you listen to some people, you know, they think it's going to be soccer stadium were renowned t- fairgrounds. But if you talk to the people that actually, hey, the tax money, they'd rather. I think she much more neighborhoods Centric maps for neighborhoods things that they will touch and feel. You know, I I'm more of the feeling that downtown's on fire. We've spent a lot of money each great. I'm very happy, the national you maybe do some other things did you see the article from Krisher Brian Mon in the editorial about the mental health facility, mental health and addiction in match. What's interesting is I had put that exact same thought. Yeah. Two months ago in the suggestion box for on the website for maps for basically the same thing. And so I think you're gonna see stuff for homeless and no help and addiction and transit and biking and making our city much more healthier for a younger crowd than maybe, you know, the out of town business traveler, I think where it's going to maybe go I like the way you think thank you so much for doing this tonight. I really appreciate it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. And I hope we get to talk again soon. Real do. Thank you, David Glover, again has bad voter, and you can find him on Facebook. And it's very interesting. Oh, I forgot to compliment him. He has a cartoon about technology. This new technology to dry your clothes. It's solar and wind and you put your clothes on the line. Very very funny, David clever. I'm going Culver Falkiner liberty. I appreciate you being here. A great evening this evening. Got a lot of interesting things accomplished. Let me remind you if you would like to go see Nancy Miller at the church of the servant on Thursday. 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