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Epidemiologist. More information they got. If you have to look at something right now that you think that we still might be getting wrong. What would it be? Something that is important, Maybe we that we might steer another direction in the near future. You know, people sometimes think. Well, I think that we might get wrong is the thing we got wrong in May, Which is? You know, Marjan, April Terrible. May was pretty good. We say we're out of the woods were doing okay? And then June and July were pretty bad. And so, September is is the analog of May. The country has come down the really bad hot spots over the summer, mostly in the south, but a little bit of California for Southern California. Have gotten better. And so what? We get wrong now, as we let our guards down again and say, Oh, it's not so bad. Even still pretty bad. I mean, we're still 35,000 cases the day and we still have around 1000 deaths today, but we've sort of become Innards. Those numbers. Those numbers would have been shocking and flabbergasting six months ago, and now it's like, okay, it's another day of cove it so what we could get wrong is saying, you know, not so bad. It's so much better than it was over the summer. It's so much better than it was in March in April, and then we'll get slammed again because the virus couldn't care less that you had a good month last month. It's the same virus mutations are pretty trivial. It's just this contagious. It's just a deadly And and and for the vast majority of us, particularly in a place like San Francisco. That's gotten off pretty, You know, we've done very well. Very, very, very few of us have antibodies, so We're completely set up for precisely the same thing to happen again. If we let our guard down, it's looking like that. Maybe starting to happen in the Midwest, San Francisco and the Bay Area has done miraculously. Well, sort this whole thing. In part because we did the right things early, our politicians to the right thing, and the people are doing the right thing. The total number of deaths in San Francisco since this thing began is 92 in the city of San Francisco in Los Angeles. It's up to 6300 in New York City. It's it's 25,000. So we have done really, really well, but we can't You know, I may sound like I'm contradicting myself Having gone to Florida. You have to be thoughtful about the risk that you take. But don't don't take risks with the jettisoning the mask. Or going to parties with large numbers of people you saw there was a big outbreak at a wedding in Maine. You know if if that's that's where we will get it wrong, we'll let our guard down. We'll forget will say, Oh, you know, we got through the bad part of the summer. We're okay and we'll have another think, Serge. Great stuff, Doc. I really appreciate your time. You get your looks from your mom. I was looking at this picture. You guys took a lot of like, I think you probably saw Twitter. I said, you know my dad who's 90? He says I know I'm going to die. But the one thing I want to stay alive for us to vote. And I was very proud of him for that. Now you know my best to them and you stay safe as well. Please come back to you as well Soon. Okay. Thank you. Dr Much. Take care Doctor. Bob Walker Again. Chair UCSF Department Medicine, MD. Author of a book the digital doctor. Ah, and just you know to me what he just said. And the way he approached this Just Can you imagine if we had AH, leader who embraced that? To get through this. Anyway. All right. We're going to talk about that coming up on a little bit about Ah, a super spreader event that happened And the weird part about it was is that the people that got sick and died weren't even at the event. We'll tell you about that and your phone calls. 80 88 10 got a lot more to go..

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