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Evan Brown is live at least to the FBI director Christopher Wray says Special agents Daniel Alphin and Laura Schwarzenberger were the two killed in a shootout while attempting to serve a warrant in the town of Sunrise, Florida near Fort Lauderdale this morning. Suspect inside the home started firing at the agents. Three other agents were wounded in the suspect was killed. The suspect's identity is not yet released, but the warrant was part of an investigation into child exploitation. Lisa Evan, thanks no word yet on a motive in Oklahoma, where a suspect is in custody after six people were killed, five of them young Children, all shot in a home south east of Tulsa overnight. Police say a woman has life threatening injuries just getting word of another cyber breach of government agencies linked to solar winds Software but separate from the previous breach blamed on Russia. Sources tell Reuters Chinese hackers are suspected this time using a bug to access a unit of the agriculture Apartment. The FBI investigating America is listening to Fox views. News radio K L. B J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by accurately dot com Austin and Travis County are now on the backside of the most recent Covitz Surge, Health Authority Marquette, Scott says it's been nearly a full month since new hospitalizations hit their high points reported 41 admissions with the moving average of 68. That puts our peak 24 days ago and total hospitalizations both new and old Pete 14 days ago, he says. ICU Utilization Peak 17 days ago. Ventilator usage peaked 18 days ago, and the positivity rate for covert testing is now dip down below 12%. In terms of vaccinations. Travis County does still have a long road ahead. Boston Public Health says about 188,000 people are eligible in the area, and at the rate the county's been getting vaccines. It could take at least 16 weeks to get through all of them. This week. Austin Public Health has gotten another 12,000 doses on a similar note, and Williams and County $50,000 has been approved today to assist the Verte program, which stands for vaccine registration, technical assistance, and it's designed to help people with their registration through family hospital systems. Homelessness is back on the Austin City Council agenda this week. Austin Mayor Steve other has indicated he is open to new ideas. No one wants to see anybody in our city. Intense camping anywhere in our City Council is considering the hell resolution or the homeless Encampment assistance link that would designate areas we're camping is too dangerous with bands proposed in East South Central and Northwest Austin. Find other options for the people in those camps. There's also that $9.5 million purchase the Candlewood Suites for homeless housing, and almost all the council has voice support for that. And after chilly start here Tuesday morning, looks like things are going to wrap up really nicely this afternoon. Let's get you looked your news. Radio.

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