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The climate is changing. And it has people worried that they may be held liable. If they don't plan for that attorney dean patents clients, for example, people who build things you need to go in as a practicing architect or engineer and plan for a different environment. Especially for long lived assets things like roads buildings homes. That's where this type of information that attribution science is generating is informing decision taking. So you will get sued for failing to build for a warmer world patent. Who's with the firm earth and water law group is also getting calls about climate liability from another group of people politicians? Christopher Joyce NPR news. This is NPR news up perspective is up next. I though traffic with Jeff Knox that's slowing in Oakland at north eight eighty from sixty sixth avenue to right before embarking arrow due to a stalled vehicle in the left lane. Tow truck is on scene though. San Bruno car with a blown out tire in the center divide south one zero one right near the SFO exit bay bridge. Metering lights are off no delays at the tolls. Little slow in Vallejo on west thirty seven from mare island way to the lane merge. I'm Jeff Knox for all. Right. Thanks, jeff. That report brought to you by unbound dot org. When he was down and out of friend helped him feed his kids, even though she didn't have to. It was kindness. Lloyd Jones has never stopped repaying perspective and nineteen eighty nine. I unexpectedly lost my job at the wonder bread factory. I had two young sons seven and eight ROY boys, always hungry. Title Kana tough. I didn't know how we're going to have enough food for them. Sometime, I will go down to the local Chinese restaurant where I knew the head waitress. Her name was lily, learning new. I wasn't doing so. Well, so when she see me and my son's come in. She would go back in the back and come out with all kinds of Chinese food. She never once asked me to pay. I've eaten at the restaurant hundreds of times as a paying customer and lily, and I became good friends two summers ago. I was at the restaurant and lily certainly collapsed. Paramedics tried to revive her. Then Russia away I learned in this day that Lilley had died. She wasn't even sixty years old at the funeral. I told everyone how lily at help my family and made me feel like I had dignity respect in front of my kids. I told lily kids how proud she was of them how she talked about them. All the time. I told them that their mother was love as she touched people's lives in wave. They may never have known. It was hard for me to stand up. Darren top. Nobody knew my story. Stuck out as the only black man in Chinese service? But I did it because I wanted the people of lily to know the difference. She made in the lives of people around.

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