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This is one of my favorite days of the whole year your birthday now. My birthday no David's. I no no no no no. It's the day we get to announce the trader Joe's Customer Choice Award. So if I may recorded live with the trader Joe's mothership in Monrovia California the eleventh annual customer choice awards we send out a request to customers via e mail and on our instagram page to submit to us their favorite traderjoes products in a bunch of categories and then one overall winner that your favorite the product in the whole store that transcends every category these products touch customers hearts. This isn't about how many times they purchased it necessarily. This is about their vote. Matt the moment with all the waiting for let's step into the winners circle every year since we have been. I'm doing the customer choice. Awards the overall favourite at trader. Joe's has been Mandarin Orange Chicken. Do we think that it can retain its leadership position. And let's find out shall we. Let's let's okay. Number five unexpected Cheddar totally expected number four dark chocolate peanut butter cups again. a perennial favorite every year. It's true number three Mandarin Orange Chicken. Wait a minute while people still love Mandarin Orange Chicken. It is not number one anymore. How number two cauliflower GNOCCHI okay? I have seen that one coming Last year in two thousand nineteen. It was number two matt the moment. We've all been waiting for the envelope. Please number one. The overall favourite favorite product at trader Joe's as determined by the eleventh annual customer choice awards everything but the Bagel seasoning. Wow Wow that's amazing everything but the bagels seasoning. Could not be here today to accept this award because it's currently busy on the shelves at Your Neighborhood Trader. Joe's so here to accept this award on behalf is our David. Hello Wow this is unbelievable. All I mean obviously we wanNA think the customers couldn't have done this without them. Gosh I had a whole thing prepared things. It's heavier than they tell you I guess all the little bagels out there. I know you could see us accepting the award time to go to bed. I don't know what else to say that at this is ridiculous that I love it. It's congratulations to all our products. It really is an honor just to be on the shelves. And congratulations as as well to all of our crew members for keeping trader. Joe's customers happy with lots of delicious chocolate. It's a tough job. But they do it. Well since we started this podcast the listenership has really grown. Thank you and thanks for rating and reviewing this podcast. Wherever you get your podcasts? That helps more people find it and be sure to hit that free subscribe button so you can get the next episode is free and worth every penny until next time. Thanks for listening and thanks for listening..

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