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Your mom last last just giving down cobblestones warnings and welcome to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. We have the topic today. That may make you want to stop and think you may want to even take some notes today. We are discussing eating to maintain a strong body body and mind as we age. I'm not sure how many of you have ever considered the fact that what you eat every day day in and day out out affects how well you've age. I'm joanne right out. I'm registered and licensed dietitian and for someone who graduated from high school many years ago in the seventies this this topic is near and dear to me in fact. I feel a lot better six years later than i did. When i started working here i feel the same way joann yeah yeah. There's that great so joining me today. In this discussion is caroline hudson. You just heard her who's also registered and licensed dietitian and i think she may have graduated from high school. Close to the time i did well. I did graduate from high school around the same time <music>. I'm as you did but let's just say we are both seasoned licensed dietitians good good so the information we will be sharing. Today is something we strongly believe in and also practice first of all. I think it's important to keep strong muscles. I learned that decades ago from my mother who is ninety. One years young. I like to say course record high. She's still kayaking on lake superior and she also hikes the trails around our cabin. So what should you do to keep healthy ace jong muscles of course i'm sure many of you are thinking resistance training or strength training because we need exercise is to maintain our strength and yes we definitely do need exercise and that recommendation is out there strongly but also to to build and maintain your muscles. You must supply your body with the building blocks. It needs so if you don't you can exercise an hour or more every every day and nothing will happen so what builds muscles the simple answer is quality protein so what type of protein gene is best for building and maintaining muscles animal protein is actually the best that means you can have eggs or cottage cheese or way protein powder yogurt beef pork turkey chicken lambs food and fish. You know i i've noticed who says many of my clients age over the years. They seem to lose their appetite for protein. <hes> you know i sometimes that really baffles me so <hes> they start cutting back on the amount of protein they eat and then they cut back even more and more so they're really only eating a few ounces announces every day. I find that they're cutting back their protein but you know having more carbs right and i've seen that too so eating only three. We are four ounces of protein. Each day is just not enough protein to maintain your muscle mass. I remember in the eighties and nineties when people were eating low protein because it was also kind of connected to that low fat. That's simply not true. I often tell clients to think about a bodybuilder under who is trying to build his or her lean muscle mass. They eat protein of course they eat little to no processed carbs sir sugar so protein helps make muscles and sugar and process carbs make the fat that appears on our bodies so yeah in the past eating eating about nine ounces of protein daily recommended for most women but recent research has found that as we age we actually need more protein protein then at the very minimum we recommended <hes> at least twelve ounces of protein daily or about eighty four grams <hes> of protein however most older adults do better with even more than that dread. That's rams a protein or about fourteen ounces of meat. That's right and because quality protein is so important to maintain or preserve river muscle mass caroline and i would like to give you some basic ideas on what you can do to successfully put that plan into practice eating enough protein eighteen to build or rebuild or preserve your muscles. You may want to grab some paper and a pencil and jot down. These ideas are first recommendation is is to eat real meat. Caroline just referred to that earlier. Preferrably this real meat comes from grass fed animals and as often as possible abol so. I'm sure many of you are thinking. Why do i need grass fed meat. The answer's twofold grass-fed meat actually contains means more healing nutrients and contains far less toxic hormones or pesticide residue and other undesirable chemicals nichols and it's also best to eat wild carp fish and not farm raised fish at all times so i always say to my clients protein protein builds muscles and supports energy as well as a good metabolism so here's a suggestion for both the protein pack breakfast vest and a morning snack so breakfasts. I suggest cooking to eggs and a cup of vegetables in butter. You know real butter of course and that meal has about two ounces of protein now. If you get up really early in the morning then about three hours later you might need a snack right and then i would recommend about two-thirds cop of plane full fat yogurt. I like to stir in a scoop an extra scoop of way protein powder and at a handful of walnuts and some blueberries about a half a cup of blueberries. That's great snack. That sounds good. The two-thirds third cup of <hes> full-fat plain yogurt has about nine grams of protein and that one scoop of way protein powder has about seventeen eighteen grams of protein for twenty six grams or total of like four ounces. I add i add walnuts because of course is there really healthy fat and are considered great brain food. Have you ever noticed how much the walnut resembles. The shape of the folds of your brain. Joanne does interesting. I and i suggest the blueberries because they are very high in antioxidants and are also considered the brain food additionally there easy and they taste really great especially this time of the year right right that sounds like a great snack and then after after that snack about three hours later. You may be ready for lunch often. I make up <hes> chicken chili couple of my i two favorite recipes from our cookbook are the are the chicken chili and the chili. We make with ground beef also yep. I love those those are great recipes. So i make up the chicken chili. I then store it into cup serving size containers so that i can just heat them up and have an easy tasty protein packed lunch so i generally make that recipe at the beginning of the week and packed those lunch containers so that every time i run out the door and go to work. I've got that container keener bet freezer right. If i have any extra i throw them in the freezer so it nutritional weight and wellness for abacha chilly we said just using about two pounds of ground meat to one can of beans yeah. That's what makes our recipe different right joanne right that is a lot of people make chili with with one key one pound of ground beef in a couple of two three cans of beans right and then the protein ratio is not quite high enough and it ends up being too high in carbs so so for this chicken chili recipe to make it creamy. I out of canada coconut milk and so i have my healthy fat. That's going to help me mesa satisfied for the next three hours or so so one and a half to two cups of chile is another four ounces or so of protein so if you had breakfast and morning snack you're up to about ten ounces a protein already. Wow day yep yeah. We're getting there right we are some of my clients really liked to have a light late afternoon snack. I think afternoon snacks for me. I i know i can't get through the day without my afternoon snack but this can be someplace something as simple hello half a cup of full-fat cottage cheese with a few berries and some p. con sprinkled on top and some some of my clients <hes> have a little salmon salad alad or chicken salad and a few carrot sticks. This comes to at least one ounce of protein so now you're up to eleven ounces of of protein and i think it's time for a break time from break. Ask you are listening to dishing up nutrition. This may surprise you but drinking. King water is one of the secrets of successful aging our bodies are composed of up to sixty percent water and if you are dehydrated your sells just won't work properties properly. Even if you're mildly dehydrated it can lead to fatigue headaches a lack back of mental clarity constipation and wrinkles so severe dates dehydration can impact your organs and we recommend drinking about about eight to ten glasses of filtered water daily and drinking herbal iced tea can also be included in that total. I make up a delicious herbal not and serve it over rice with a twist or ice sorry did that's on like with a twist of lemon. It's very satisfying thing in helps. Keep me hydrated and supports my memory and with that we'll be right back. Kings awaiian buns a dinner roll. I'm with fan.

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