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Have deep voices. But they haven't gone through the peter. Peter brady lot of talk today. Lot of bricks bricks aren't they. I just feel like it's a chance for everyone to sort of jump ahead and and and come in. Come into ninth grade strong. Start your freshman year of high school with the wind at your sales. Yeah that point my My son will have the deep voice But not be taller so that it will be one of those when oliver shows up for high school. Hey what happened to you during the hey there is obviously your family is exempt from anything regarding this as most of you. Can't god can't go on all the rides but okay take boil Right elliott. What's your guess here all right so I'm gonna explain how it got here. Okay so that you understand that That i that this is legit. And i have written down so i i believe taco bells from southern california and growing up the the taco bell outlets Had a specific design to them that was reminiscent of the alamo. Yes so i thought that maybe they had renamed the alamo too. I like acco bell. Yeah interesting i like that. Let's check in with matt belknap. He's over there. Sherman oaks at the funny headquarters. Matt i had the exact same thought as elliot. I didn't think of the liberty bell part of it. But i i had to thoughts. I the first thing. I thought i wrote it down and then i was like now it taco bell field. As soon as i wrote it i was like now. Taco bell feels better so i wrote taco bell. I can prove it. You can't see that it's all just trust me that i wrote taco bell and Yeah i did. Think of the alamo thing. Although i don't know how what they would have. Just what would they would they would. they have. Renamed the alamo the taco bell alamo. It's not as pithy as as as the liberty bell but either way. I thought of the chihuahua. And how they were always doing kind of jokey. I guess i say my other thing but the first thing i wrote was jack in the box because i thought i'd like the to fast food places that are kind of doing jokey stuff with their advertising but i really feel like taco bell is more on point for this one i actually got to taco bells. We've got we have three taco bells. Yep john ross bowie. What was your guests here. I don't know how i got here. But i thought of already majestic something With a certain amount of authority built into it might take over national monument. So i wrote down Burger king can you see it system here there it is. Yeah yeah burger king. And i'm covering up my wager like they do on jeopardy. I went through a lot of eh thoughts as a taco bell. Crossed my mind. Mcdonald's did because they seem to like to get their brand everywhere. Jack-in-the-box fun they had and then i landed on I don't know if you could see it. Landed on burger king kind of for the same reason and then also they got that weird king and maybe they were having fun there for a little while. And yeah i don't know what what landmark it would have been like martin luther burger king with when i first thought jack of the box. I was picturing them putting the jack in the box. Head on mount rushmore. But i guess that's not renaming it as much as it's just you know ruining What i like about that is is We got three taco bells in to burger kings in here so very specific guesses here today and based on history none of us will be right. Yes.

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