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Sirius XM channel eighty as we get closer and closer to tomorrow's kick off between the chiefs and the forty Niners I'm Jeff Dickerson along with Jonathan but we have a special guest joining us for all four hours of the show today Super Bowl forty seven champion Bernard Pollard is with us for the entire show good to have you Bernard main things we have is good to be here so what are you have been through this before with the ravens you have lived the Superbowl week how do you think just watching the forty Niners and the chiefs go through all the motions this week in Miami how do you think they did you know what I thought they had a double teams handed that's okay have a good I I we talked about this before the show I look at you know I thought both hit cultures did a good job they've been here before they understand you know the at what's at stake and so this is will be exciting game nobody really talk trash nobody said anything stupid I think that's a little surprising you know for for sports for for the Superbowl or guests were for big game so let's get it yeah I was not I was really surprised because based on what we've seen this week it the teams are even and and so was the demeanor for both teams as well this is how close it is we can't city and San Francisco Jeff when you see both of these teams is going to hit the field on Sunday nobody said anything controversial because they're coached well we got a lot of veterans a young players on there and I just think that both teams are that that's how even they are that there wasn't anything said and are these going to be a heck of a match up very likable head coaches I mean Andy Reid's going for his first Superbowl championship but he's a long time guy talking about you know Chinese food were in the Hawaiian shirts shorts that sandy Reid I think Kyle Shanahan has established himself as one of the bright play callers in the NFL year three with the Niners already in the Superbowl Bernard you begin your career in Kansas city and it has been fifty years for chiefs fans all of this waiting all these years where you had really good teams or for whatever reason it didn't work out what do you think a Superbowl win on Sunday would mean to the city of Kansas city of Kansas city this is gonna be awesome you know I I I got a chance I was in Kansas the couple weeks ago and the fans were so excited to to to be plan if you change your game knowing what happened the year before not get a chance to get my homes on football field to try to get them pass the to the I think was the the the the patriots so when we look at that you know I think this is gonna be super exciting for the for the cheese to be able to win this game I this is a team where the history is just amazing you know so it's it's overdue but we say that so much I think both teams deserve it I love the story line Bernard for this because it starts we can't the city how there's been such a long drought between the super bowls and how they've always been on the ladder of success but not be able to get over the mountain top the story about eighty read trying to finally get the brass ring winning a championship flip side you look at San Francisco it's almost like I was old enough to remember when chip Kelly was the head coach for Sam's discover that well I think that did happen in my lifetime yes in it seems like those sold off long ago growing up watching Walsh watching Seafort how San Francisco for a long time Jeff was the the standard in which you wanted to be in the National Football League they could the consistency cassettes of the franchise and then kind of like the the more bone franchise became and now look what happens general manager quarterback quality draft picks all come together quickly you shows you you can go from being a nobody to somebody so quickly in this lady three years it took three years it took Lynch and Shanahan they made the trade for crop low couple years ago he comes in and plays great they were supposed to win last year he gets hurt they fall apart but what do they do they turn that bad year into Nick Bosa so like if they want to one last year they don't get Nick Bosa maybe they're not in this position I think they're a Bernard a remarkable story and for all the people that doubt garage below I don't know I mean the guy threw for four thousand yards this year almost twenty seven touchdowns he had big game form a couple years ago before we got hurt played well for Tom Brady in New England I'm not saying that the Niners Negro Rapallo to throw the ball fifty times tomorrow to win but it seems like if he's been put in a situation this year where he's had to make a big play in the passing game it seems like more times than not he's done that what he does we can do it I'm not you know I and I've said this before I've said all year long I don't trust knowing the quarterbacks that are not in New England this guy made me a believer you know and and to be honest with you he's with the coach that is not going to ask a lot of him you know this is a quarterback friendly office is a real there's really a running back for any offense you look at Shanahan he was under his father he was under Gary Kubiak they ran similar offenses in Houston so you know they had met shopping area falls for at other running backs in the system so this is a this is a type IBM friendly quarterback friendly running back from the office that these guys could be successful I'm not you know they don't need him to go after four fifty times I think they're comfortable we have phone at ten to twelve times and run it for two hundred thirty five dollars so this is going to be a good game I I you know I know you didn't ask me but I like the forty Niners was Jim Tomsula really a thing and I think I covered that by the way I was actually at a game we're not going to Jim Tomsula beat the Chicago Bears Blaine Gabbert lit up to Chicago Bears secondary one again sort of feel it seems like there was so long ago or didn't happen because look how how terrific this franchises become would San Francisco I just I'm really excited for the game because it's just that even go to Vegas I've seen as high as two of maybe one and a half as far as a a favorite there for Kansas city that's how close this game could be coming up on Sunday and then it's star studded all the route of the I'm sure throughout our broadcast we'll talk about some of the difference makers all throughout this Superbowl the port it's star studded to me there's so many impactful players there we're gonna see on Sunday I can't wait for its Dickerson in her along with Bernard Pollard on ESPN radio and ESPN Appleyard what's gameday like what Superbowl Sunday like for someone playing in the game this is a you know it this is this is the biggest gang of your life our this is what you want in your career you know the plane on Superbowl Sunday in front of everybody you know it's almost like you if you want to go out there you've you've prepared these guys have been in Miami for almost a week and a half two weeks now so you've been studying you've been a practicing and you're tired of your time to walk through your tired of seeing the same face you're you're ready to hit somebody else you're ready to you know for the cultures the call you know plays against the you know the the the other cultures so you know this is a isn't this will be a special day this is something that you know guys will never forget you know in in it and I mean this you know this will be a lot of fun for both of both things so how many how much party do you get the the Superbowl without I'm how many parts county times to get to the first set you mention I ought to do that items over there to stay out of their mansion and then I met and that's once it you know I was hoping to get a could be a buffalo so they the distractions are very limited but you know so you know being a Miami we all know there is going to be a distraction MBM anywheres going they're going to be some distractions but I I just want you know for these guys to come out and play the game if you're gonna go out go out early in the week don't go out late in the week because as the week goes on the city gets crazier and crazier especially Miami and by the way Jonathan two years ago I had the chance to have dinner at the Versace mansion who it's the real deal let me tell you something this guy you walk in that mansion eagle I can't believe a guy lived here like this was is out while it is who is crazy wow nice yes good radio is presented by progressive insurance critters are the name your price tool choose a range of coverage options and pick the price that works for you that's a progressive dot com today I coming up next a lot of talk about tomorrow's game let's take a quick look back though how did the chiefs get to this point what will be playing for their first Super Bowl in the last fifty years that's next it's Dickerson hood it's ESPN radio call.

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