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Their apartments as a precaution you can see pictures of the damage that building on our website W. B. C. ten thirty dot com injuries to a family of four after ice flew off a box truck on route three in Burlington hit their pick up truck state police say two adults and two kids were in that truck the driver suffered serious injuries the other injuries were minor state police say the vehicle from which that isolates Lee came believed to be a moving truck with a New Hampshire registration and a trooper they say stop that suspected drug several minutes later two thirty in weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the breeze get that problem a roof one in Peabody Mike it's causing all kinds of issues that terrible delays Banja route one north is locked up four and a half mile Saugus up in the Peabody the problem is a cement truck that spilled its load of wet cement all over the roadway bye for street which is just before that ninety five exit anyways all traffic is now being detoured onto either one twenty eight north or south southbound is jammed up in that stretch too so you want to stay away from route one if you can this afternoon elsewhere the mass pike westbound boy a tough start here jams Newton corner at the Westin over four miles it's a roll over by one twenty eight want to stay in those far left lanes to get by there and now for ninety five north is backing up quickly to Littleton with a crash by re two way apparently a car veered off the highway there into the wooded stretch the expressway south crawling out of the tunnel down toward Savin hill not too bad after that ignore founds okay this report sponsored by HHS is health resources and services administration here's one new year's resolution that's easy to keep resolved to join the millions who are registered as organ eye and tissue donors we are all needed so learn more and sign up call eight six six nine nine donate now my king with WBZ's traffic on the three we got some clouds gets his son we get the whole picture out there looks pretty nice day actually temperatures aid to the upper forties close to fifty for a few spots as we head through the afternoon and then by tonight the clouds will take over will be mainly cloudy thirty five it'll involve thirty nine downtown clouds tomorrow a mild day though they'll be some rain or drizzle around high of forty eight and for Saturday breezy mild periods of rain or drizzle along the coast temperatures will be in the mid maybe some upper forties on Saturday and that in the lower forties by the tide.

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