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Podcast 42


Subroto s._o._l. That's all i'm gathering late. Wait what when somebody barges it. You and i are going to be the first to go well. You might be the first to go. Oh definitely the first means uh-huh betting just get outta here you on the other hand not going back to the door. You can't even see what's happening. I would probably shove you that direction in that way it wow you're gonna costanza me totally speaking of costanza somebody it's time for podcast forty two. I'm christopher devos. I'm sabrina pierre. Jail tros as of right now. I'm laura how old you really ditch me. Somebody goes through that door the himself you cannot fit with your back to the door. I am so glad that i'm learning all this tonight of all episodes. I remember number that way peeling back the curtain jails chair is closest to the door in the podcast room and he sits with his back act two it the most vulnerable position well only for you because we're over so many for normal people sitting anywhere in a room is fine in all honesty. I actually need your spot my spa yeah. Have you ever noticed. I still sit with my back towards you because i have to face the door. Somebody were to come through the window. You walk through a window. Nobody eddie oh yeah he he goes through anything annoying man cool in all fairness laura or myself would be the worst case scenario for for kool. Aid man owned oh well. This is one of my favorite episodes we do. This'll be the third year we're doing it. We are playing pop pop or pulp. It works either way but we're actually blaming pop culture big brother. It was pulp because i don't like popa might warns teeth. What if it was like. Pulp fiction does exactly it. Pulp is like a fiction in the thirties. These and i will have a royale with cheese well. I still don't like pulp in my own way so if it was the thirties you'd have a book inside your o._j. So that makes sense. That's really weird fairness. I just don't like o._j. Not ever since the nineties.

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