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From the Geico studios and, you know just really depressing to me as I read you a few minutes ago, somehow Michael Fabbiano. Thanks him for stopping by. As always. We brought up Sid Luckman. That'll just said luck. Mons only had one good season in 1943. Right? Well, one big passing season. But yes. Every other year, he was more interceptions and touchdowns Basically. Doesn't matter. What's what? What What's really doesn't would really is. Getting me is going man. He threw 28 touchdown on 202 passing attempts. OK, so that's that's like every seven past attempts a touchdown they bring home run rate is basically what we're looking at here. I mean, that's pretty good 200 passing attempts 28 touchdowns so far this season. Sam Darnold has 191 passing attempts and three touchdowns. This's when he's in a lot of people are throwing the football. I mean in 1943 people were throwing the football. Guys off. The pace has got a lot of work to do to catch his goodness. I just see that gold my He's not going to sniff 28 touchdowns here. He's not going to stiff 20 touchdowns, said luck. Ling's got him. S o big stuff in the NFL this week, the 40 Niners. We talked about this a little bit with fabs. They put four players on the covert list ahead of the Packers game and they are going to be out for the game against Green Bay Tomorrow night. Kendrick born one of them testing positive covert 19. Three other players, including left tackle Trent Williams, Debo Samuel also are going to be out friend in Ai Yuk. That was a guy I played tomorrow night. Big fantasy guy is going to be out tomorrow night. Um, this really surprises me that this game is going to go on. It really does. I mean, I know that the NFL doesn't want to give up the Thursday night game and doesn't want to sit back and go and they don't want to make anything where Cove it's really hurting them. But Really? You just had four guys test positive. You really think you're okay? And this happened today and everybody's going to be okay. And you can play tomorrow. That really, really surprises. May I? In fact, I would not be shocked at all. I would hope the NFL would look at this and go maybe Fridays tonight to play this game. You know, I may be Friday's the night to play because tomorrow This. Really It's a really bad optic to go. Yeah, we had all these people test positive for cocaine. And we don't know about our team. Who knows? Because the incubation period 72 hours. We're going to go play this game. I get you every want to keep going with our lives. But I mean, if you're the Packers, how do you feel about this? But suddenly we couldn't work. I guess we're going to play this game. You know, we have no idea who's Kubik up Covert positive on the 40 Niners. Yeah, It is a curious thing right between the wide receiving room one way and the running back room and the other. Ah, And while they'll collide on Thursday night football, you push forward right next man up, try to go through the statistics and say If these guys don't test now, everything could change in the morning, right? All of a sudden, Perhaps you have some more tests that decide make you decide that you have Tio, postpone and push away but for the moment Yeah, You don't want to lose that big TV window when I asked Fabbiano, A part of it was rhetorical. You know, it's a straight cash and it's Aaron Rodgers in prime time. Who's one of the big move the needle guys in the league? I mean, really, The NFL clearly isn't going to do anything. Safety wise. This is going to be up to the Packers. We got more on this developing story coming up next as well as something else with a twist from the NFL, Fox.

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