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For ABC now is are they going to be able to keep their TGI branded shonda rhimes block on Thursdays intact because you've got a couple of very bubble dramas. So stationed nineteen the firefighters themed, Grey's anatomy, spin off just let go of its its Showrunner creator, Stacy Mckee left. So sources say that they're searching for a new show runner if they are going to renew that that for a third season. Then you've got for the people the legal drama. That's been I think the case on that. And may already be dismissed fear. How to get away with reference now, I'm sorry. I couldn't resist find me for the dad joke onto eter in a larger sense. You know, how to get away with murder is showing its age likely to returns entering at six season. Which is typically when the original contracts for the cast expire it wouldn't. Surprise me to see a final season announcement for that Grey's anatomy hasn't been renewed. Yet those deals are in progress. But there's no way that that show will run as long as Ellen Pompeo wants to run. So that is the TV's new supernatural. Let us move loan next to CBS which has a lot of questions, but also continues to be broadcast TV's generally most watch networks, so what are the big questions for CBS? Well, there's a massive hole on CBS schedule next year. And it's called the big bang theory. This month the series from Chuck Lorre will end its run after twelve seasons. It finishes his TV's longest running multi camera comedy. And it's also televisions. Number one scripted comedy in the all important adults eighteen to forty nine demo. And I mean, this is a show that is still going strong, numbers wise and could have easily come back for another season. Should Jim Parsons have wanted to do that. But he didn't and it's ending. And now, it's no CBS is facing life without its biggest Goto..

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