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Now, here's a taste of something that you missed from the Doug Gottlieb show. What at the Packers season is a lost season. This was what Randall Cobb told SPF we've lost games before here. But this just feels different. It doesn't feel good. It's not fun. We've got to figure something out. We haven't heard Aaron Rodgers say, relax. He said in the past naive rano Cobb saying this is different. Just feels different in fairness. They have the dolphins. And nothing makes you feel better than beating the hell out of the dolphins at home. This is a colossal colossal stretch. If you can beat the dolphins, then you get the Seahawks now Seahawks Thursday night. We've seen road teams on a Thursday night struggle. There is one difference. So that it is the Seattle Seahawks. And this is not the dynamic hope of Angie was in the past and the Seahawks are playing on the road against the Rams on Sunday. And they got a Toronto Rams. I think in the end the beach, the always physical matchup between those two teams and the Seahawks played really well against Rams last time around Ramsey course. No prac- state because the fires in LA. Are you would expect the Rams who are prohibitive favorites? Put it on the hawks. Now, it feels like it's close to over for the Packers, but two wins. Then you got the Vikings the road. You're not expected to win that. But then you get cardinals falcons at home still have the jets on the road and the lines like you still have one two three four five five of your meeting. Eight games. We'll see what the Seahawks. Five games in which you're going to be favored. You win the five games with your favorite. You have eight wins. Eight four and one to get the rest of what Doug said podcast searching the Doug godly show. And as always you can hear the Doug Gottlieb show. Weekdays at three eastern Pacific right here on Fox Sports radio. Ladies and gentlemen, coming. Travis is coming right for you. Eric Reed ejection to me. That's not that big of a story. I thought the flag would have been justified whether or not he was injected. I didn't think was a big deal. Honestly, the game was already decided it wasn't really gonna impact things one way. Or the other the message that's trying to be sent in the NFL consistently is our quarterbacks matter a great deal. We can't have quarterbacks getting knocked out of the game because the game becomes becomes relatively unwatchable. When you got Josh mccown going up against Josh Allen. Nobody wants to watch the Buffalo Bills with an awful quarterback. Go up against the New York Jets with an awful quarterback. Nobody wants that the NFL knows that's bad for their brand. So they are going to protect the quarterbacks more than they are going to protect everybody else out kick that coverage with clay Travis. You wanna talk about a way to start your morning. Six AM eastern three AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio. Jason Smith show. Friend Mike harp on bell not playing this year. Whether he realizes this or not he's hurting the value of everybody not named James Caan. Right. Levi on bell decided to not play open the door for James Connor to play for the Steelers teams are seeing this. And now, they think well was lady on bell VAT, great or was he just part of a great system in Pittsburgh because here's James Cotter. Who was you know, he's an okay prospect? But he wasn't it wasn't Egypt. Peterson coming out of school. He wasn't saquon Barkley and here he is one of the best running backs in the NFL. So maybe it was the system. Why should I pay lady on belt if I can get this kind of production from a guy out of the draft? Why am I gonna pay Levy on bell fifteen or seventeen million dollars a year? Why would I do that?.

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