Moeller, Bob Muller, Bill Clinton discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 10-30-2017-090458


Put his face out there as this is coming from we've seen very moeller has said nothing since he began investigating in may andrea chances are good for those at no bob muller he's going to continue to say nothing these going to cape is head down he doesn't really care what people tweet about him he doesn't care what people say about him on television he keeps his head down he does his job and he follows the law and when we compare bob knowledge have former special prosecutors he has been the most silent the most careful lawrimore and spanish laurence walsh he is not andrew that let me just say i was just thinking about larence water let me tell you why because on october thirty f which is today back in 1992 only days before the clinton george herbert walker bush election okay bill clinton on that day former defense secretary caspar weinberger was indicted by larence wash the special prosecutor in iran contra and charged with lying to congress about iran about arms sales to iran on christmas nineteen ninety two uh outgoing president george herbert walker bush pardoned cap weinberger before his trial could take place and five others involved in the contra investigation so there's plenty of precedent here uh good bad indifferent that there's plenty of wrinkle precedent here about special scares outgoing president's presidential pardons and indictments such as this uh and let's go right now the capitol here we've got an b c news chief white house correspondent.

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