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For example. This episode of the podcast celebrates five years of this podcast. We're gonna party it up party it up. We're gonna try and order stuff from ruby's diner that'll get us. To the holiest of numbers ever okay. We want to get ourselves enough food. So we can eat sixty nine thousand four hundred twenty calories. That's the move. That's the move right there. We can do it. Will we consume it all in one sitting probably not but we can try being believe in ourselves we can. We can go to the moon. Okay so now. We need new spreadsheet for new chart. I think our move is to just. I think it would behoove us. Excuse me to get every single burger on the menu. Okay actually let's do this. Let's get literally everything all right. So i'm gonna pull that out of the tab here and i'm just gonna start writing all this stuff down okay. So we got big plates. We got one more big plate. Let's let's get that situated. We got a big plate here. What's in this big plate. All right we at chicken tenders dinner. That's twelve o five role. Get one of those for now Do to fix that. Stupid thing burgers. We got classic ruby burger with cheese. We got the guacamole. We gotta we gotta get some guac on the situation. Right ruby melt. You know that's going to help us with the calorie count mushroom swiss burger. I mean are you. An american restaurant serves burgers. If you don't have that on your menu seems unlikely. Because they all have. And i'm just speed running this menu into our chart here. There's a cobb burger. I wrote kube burger. I don't know what that means but we'll fix all right. Let's speed run these calorie contents. Here we got eight fifty five nine. That's a scary one. Seven fifty three nine forty nine nine. Twelve forty two nine twenty three and eleven fifty two..

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