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A lot of setbacks happen. Can you share with us one in particular that comes to mind, and what you learn from that? Yeah. -solutely? So this is a throwback because it was one of the very first counters diaper hat health down. It was working in a is Eze at began Trix clinic in Baltimore and. Was working in a patient who had been in and out of the emergency room, her young son at in suffering from lead poisoning and asthma exacerbations because of the quality of housing that they were living in and it was working with her to get the family assess for different types of resources that they might be able to get connected to it was really fascinating, his refilling out in allocation versus suit assistance. We get get her connected to the right places within the city, whether they were new locally run church organizations, or whether it was in federal food assistance. And I realized that I had never seen how complicated the applications were before I was sitting there with the patient, and you know, struggling to make my way through it. And she took it for me. And she said don't worry like I'll walk you through it all show, you where are you to places people tend to get hung up, and you know, cure ways in which you might wanna think about having this conversation with other patients in the future. And for me. It was such an important. You know, if you're I realize this undergraduate from Johns Hopkins and seats in the role of public health and health care is important lesson around stepping back in creating space for the expertise of others thinking of health care as many other sectors has been built on this model of a rogue doctor. You know, well, I'm not buying that healthcare professionals are pulling off amazing feats every day we've seen that true innovation. In health comes often throwing.

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