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Wikileaks founder Julian Osanai continues his fight against extradition to the US where he faces the likelihood of spending the rest of his life in prison. A judge in London Monday denied his request to push an extradition hearing into next year. Wiki leaks editor Christian Rapson Says the US just recently accused of sands of conspiring with hackers to obtain classified information. It's preparation, of course, has been thrown off track because only three weeks ago, the Americans introduce a totally new document, which is an insult to UK. Just a system on DH is an attempt to derail the entire proceedings. The president said he wants slavery taught in schools but decried what he calls Revisionist history President Trump criticizing protesters who are trying to eliminate the Confederate flag and other reminders of the nation slave past. I'm not a believer in cancel culture the good of the dead. But the president himself has urged Americans to cancel companies that took actions which angered him. He has urged boycotts on Goodyear, Apple, Macy's, HBO, Mexico, Italy, Even Oreos. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington, New Hampshire Republican State representative James Spillane is under investigation and facing calls to resign after putting up then taking down a social media post calling for the burning and looting of houses displaying black lives matter. Signs. This is ABC News. How do smart, hardworking roofing contractors run job smoothly? Even remotely? They save time with Beacon Beacon.

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