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If you like latronic repair kits the tectonic hundred thirty five piece kit is only twenty nine dollars right now and the supreme nice kit as much nicer than the one i have a much bigger so the lincoln be up the show notes on that gets all those special tips and everything that you a need arita says it in the chat year nist is going back to us talking about the medical stuff she says i do understand about getting multiple prescriptions from different doctors ahah four doctors i had problems when i was in the hospital because of that i have a text file on my phone that list all medications and clean dosages and my primary care physician emergency contact information have a medical release also for my phone i also in the second foul i have all my medical specialists that's cool how how do you give them if you're if you're out past the how how how did they get permission to access that how do you make that happens at written somewhere curious all right if you are an at and t mobility of arise he said there's if you're thinking about looking at two plans if you comparing at and t to verizon there's a good article on their different plans that they have now and and says up this going on with carriers this computerworld article and he talks about how they wireless industries continued change on wireless carriers are changing in different ways remain competitive i tell you i hear lots of people lot of people going to t mobile buddy minus been at and t for years switch to t mobile over the weekend.

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