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So the film had just made its debut a couple months ago is been playing some film festivals. But what has reaction to it Ben, and what has reaction to bend from people who are part of the Tanic. Well, the first thing I would say is that usually when you're at Sundance and you're doing your premiere at Sundance, you're not thinking that much about the fact that you're in Utah. But you are definitely thinking about the fact that you're in Utah. If you're there with this movie, and that was really cool because I mean, the people who responded most to the film were people from Utah. I mean, you have to have a sense of like actually, how oppressive this dominant religious paradigm is certain places in this country. And it's not New York City in. It's not either. It's certainly not where I grew up in Massachusetts. It's Little Rock. It's utah. It's texas. It's Kansas, Missouri. Like vast swath of this country. Like Senator Jason report is like the normal. Senator right? Like it looks. He looks like a Yokel to me. But he's like. Typical in a lot of places. So that's been my most exciting feeling going around festivals and sort of seeing how much more the people in parts of the country who feel they need this kind of whether it's catharsis or if it's like actually motivating politically this been really cool, and I don't like to speak for other people. But I think the panic temple of this movie. Seems like so far their response has been pretty giddy like they're like really excited and a bunch of them flew again on their own dime to Sundance to be there for the premiere from all over the country. And it was just awesome. Like, I think it's cool because mostly they get mocked or hated and for them to have a serious filmmaker take them seriously and present them to serious audiences and respectful manner..

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