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Trying to think you're looking at these linebackers atop linebacker ranked oh eric has very good linebacker for minnesota so air kendrick up there in the ranking so you can have four guys from minnesota as well probably four guys from from the rams to rams they're coming with that whole mercenary defense and have some good obviously individual defensive players with obviously the best guy in the league right now i think sam sam sam tar luke that's funny now with donald aaron donald not to maybe not the guy you're going to think about for fantasy purposes to the fact that he does i mean he's on the interior it's here lying to get more run stops but i mean it's tackles get tackled he's not he's not afraid to tackle so i mean there's gonna be lots of options there for him and then obviously the abolition of keep to leib and marcus payers as well as two very good and very you know they've shown out say can do it the quarterback vision and lamb backer algal trie is they had they got rid of tree didn't they i don't think he's on the yeah he's he's on the giants now and then also isn't the other guys they're not they're either the guy who's on the outside isn't there either so yeah not mark baron is their top receiver i mean mark baron is now they're highest linebacker he's actually very good he's more hybrid linebacker smaller guy very very very good coverage.

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