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Back to the Jim bohannon show at one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 and we're talking with congressional candidate Jack Lombardi he's also a techie and we had a call from rob and Richmond California regarding the tendency of some search engines to skew shall we say hyper to the left and Jack was explaining when the clock intervened That was not the big tech people No just our clock And his explanation got into the fact that apparently on average 86% of people who searched or go past the first thing on the search engine So please continue Jack Yeah and just to ramp up that thought I do agree with the caller we did find that it's in subtlety to the naked eye but if you were to look at the percentages of each spot the ten spots that are on the first page of an organic search result you would see that just that movement of where they put those articles though those articles are contextually better and better towards the search result You would see that there is some games being played there and that's for sure for certain that there's no question about that 26 one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 as we talked with Jack Lombardi high-tech entrepreneur and also candidate for the United States Congress Now in particular as regards what you think we should be doing regarding Russian disinformation should we have someone in government or should it be a private sector enterprise which simply goes out and finds every bit of disinformation and makes a point of refuting it I'm sure that would be a pretty labor intensive task but you tell me what would be the best approach here The best approach is actually to address the search social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to start Because many of it finds its way through there and they are going to play favorites for what they're going to allow through because these companies do business all around the world I've grown to distrust them even more because they do other countries are a little more strict that they're allowing some things pass I mean they were just brought before I believe the Senate and I don't know court where they admitted that fact checking was mere opinion Well I mean you could steer society like that They're so powerful So with Russian disinformation playing in there it's how much of it are they letting through how much are they controlling because we used to have stops in here that we control what kind of information got to the mainland America And after the Smith and Mont modernization act of 2012 it seems like a lot of that had changed So at this point you don't know who the trust So my guess or my professional guess I would say is we should start with Facebook and Twitter and move on to Google and see what interest they have in foreign countries and have played sides with any sort of foreign entity When you say interests are we talking financial interests here I must confess I'm not really aware who controls most of these big entities although I gather most are publicly held and publicly traded companies whose mega billionaire owners hone a disproportionate share of that stock but I'm not I've really looked into it So what kind of interests are we talking about besides financial Well you know service What kind of ability what kind of deals do they make with other countries to be able to service those countries and are there backdoor data mining projects happening there that may not be in the best interest of the United States of America I mean because we all know your data is getting mined right It's definitely been intrusive at this point So what kind of data U.S. data is being bought and sold in other countries Because there's an interest to skew content at that point Well now I understand when people are mining my data to try and sell me laundry detergent Okay I'm not always thrilled with it And by virtue of the fact that I do a feature every day and sometimes I go after some pretty weird websites and so it's a pretty strange things are sent my way in terms of advertising as seen on the Internet Now look at something I think where did that come from Oh that was a feature I did last Tuesday So I understand that concept What else are we are we talking about here in terms of the mining of data for example are we mining data that could either determine our political views or even shape our political views Bingo yet the nail on the head That's right where I was going to go It's all mined with AI So the AI is artificial intelligence for those who don't know the term but that is to say computers very good computers go ahead Yes very good computers that are about as big as warehouses for sure So taking the information just remember how many articles have you read and how often has it come out in the news where our phones were listening to us our devices that we have in our home are listening to us our TVs are listening to us They hear every word they analyze that They know what our emotions are They know what we're thinking or what they only guess in our emotions I mean really That's pretty sophisticated Seriously Yeah I think Elon Musk just said a few days ago that the AI developers have seriously underestimated the ability of Tesla I would agree with that And then there is other AI much more sophisticated Now remember here's this is an important part of what we're talking about That AI information now is being used in warfare because China started doing it And we have other countries but I mean I'll say China being one of the leaders there what information is being sold I mean let's look at China for instance China is dangerous Let's take a quick break and we'll come back and we'll look at China because China had to come up at some point when it comes to the kind of things we're talking about here Not only the intent but the.

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